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Ducati forgotten. VTR250 in my hands!! =D

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by twisties, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. hey peeps,

    I've had my L's for over a week now And i'm itching to get out there. I don't yet have a bike but I have cash to throw at one.

    I have my heart set on a Ducati 600 monster.

    The one I'm looking at (add, haven't actually seen bike yet) is a 1997 model with 47,000 k's on the clock. Apparently near new tires and 12 months rego.

    The asking price is $5700.

    My questions.

    Is 47k too high on the clock?
    How reliable are these particular duc's?
    Is that price reasonable for that amount of k's?
    How much would insurance be roughly? (20yrs old, male, if that makes a difference)

    Thanks in advance.
  2. check that the 600 monsters are learner legal.

    I *believe* that only the 620 monsters with the throttle restrictor inplace are learner legal. So make sure LAMS is printed on the rego sticker.

    Do some digging around about older dukes usually they have higher service intervals than newer ones and they are expensive. Ring up and get some quotes on how much a major/minor service will cost and see if you can live with that. Parts are always expensive on dukes. So if it isn't up to scratch mechanically run away immediately.

    Personally I would probably buy a cbr125 for my restriction period before a duke. Why? You will still want to upgrade when you get off your P's so you might as well do the restriction period as cheap as you can.

    Check the MCN reviews on these older duke monsters from memory they aren't particularly kind.

    EDIT: comprehensive insurance is expensive full stop I pay $150 for 3rd party property for the cbf250. If I write it off I will just wait until I get off my p's
  3. They are a great bike. Only 63 horses but you get a shiite load of torque.


    As for the cbr125 :p dont buy a joke
  4. Thats a link to the 620 not the 600.

    And I said I would buy a cbr125 before a learner duke. Really, every other learner bike is front of those two.
  5. :shock: Coming from a CBR125 owner, NO!!!

    Unless you're uber skinny and have baby potatoes for legs, get a two fiddy or as mentioned before by mrkotter, something bigger like the 620 light. Mmmm. Monster.

    The 125 is great to start on if you haven't had any experience with 2 wheels (i.e like yours truly). But you'd probably be over it in a week. I'm serious. Really.

    I've done 11,000 km on mine and I'm more than ready to get something with a bit of .... zeal.

    Anyhoo good luck with the hunting. And if you do get a 620 light remember we want piccies. I was looking at one for a while on the advise of a friend and I have to say, DAYUM they're a hawt bike.
  6. Insurance-wise you really need to just call all the insurance companies (or use their web forms) and see what they can offer you.

    There are too many variables which are taken into account for anyone to speculate, except to say that as an under-25-year-old you can expect to pay through the nose for insurance on anything.

    Phone around. Phoning is better, too, IMHO because you can press them about whether or not your outstandingly awesome car-driving record will reduce your bike premiums at all, and other things not included in their web form. :)
  7. Am I the only one seeing that the OP is asking about a 600 monster not the 620? Plus the fact I said I would rather own a cbr125 in preference to a learner legal ducati. I was not recommending the cbr 125

    I do not know where Melton is but in NSW the Monster 600 is not LAMS

  8. Honestly, unless you intend to attach some plastic cord to the 125 and trim your lawn edges, steer clear.
  9. Sorry dude. I read that but I was referring to your 620 monster statement.
  10. Personally I think the CBR125 looks ridiculous. Not to mention putting my 100kg ass on one would leave me cursing the small engine.

    Similar reasons make me want to steer clear of 250's. I'd rather start on a larger bike that I'm going to be ultimately more comfortable on, and I won't be in as much of a hurry to chuck it for a bigger bike in 15 months.

    Also, according to the LAMS list, the Ducati 600 monster IS approved :) And I think I actually got a calculator out one night and found that the 600 does meet the power/weight without a restrictor.

    I'll do some looking around for info about the late 90's models. Hopefully only being a simple 2-valve air-cooled engine, it shouldn't be too troublesome.

    Also, Melton is in victoria.
  11. How the hell can you even think about comparing a CBR125 to a Monster 620? One is an teenage italian sex god and the other is a bike for people who like hello kitty!
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  13. If you want a duke then go for it. They are a tough looking bike and sound good too. The only thing i have heard about the dukes is that they are expensive to service so you might want to keep that in mind. Good luck
  14. Te 600 Duc will go quicker than the CBR125,but it's a bit of a slouch, actually started life as the 400cc.

    If you are only getting it because it is learner legal there are probably better bikes to haul your 100kg around.

    It's a high cost maintenance, 2 valve aircooled engine that makes 52 hp and 48 nm, so the design is about as old as the Honda, just a lot more complicated.

    With a top speed of 180 it's on par with most 250's.

    With such high kilometres and the fact that you will get bored with it, you may want to think about how easy it will be to sell in a year or two.
  15. I'm looking at it because I love the looks, the sound and of course the name badge.

    I was looking at a Suzuki GS500E which would suffice for lugging me to and from work but I feel the duc would just be more fun, especially if I want to go for a few fun rides on the weekends.

    That, and I love V-twins.
  16. Better make sure it isn't due for a major service at 50,000kms, the sort that would add a couple of thousand bucks to your initial outlay. There might be a reason the seller is getting rid of this bike at this particular point...
  17. Check when the timing belts were last replaced, I think these are due every 20000 - 25000km, so they may need doing and could cost a bit.
  18. The 620 Monster (lite) is also LAMS legal in VIC.

    At least the Ducati has some street cred.
  19. Honda VTR250?


    Styled to look like the Monster, throw a pipe on it and it will sound vaguely like the Monster, It's probably not as much slower than the restricted Monster as you may think (although buttloads less torque) and will have decent resale value when you are done with it.

    For the same money or less, you're likely to get a lower milage better condition VTR than Monster, and if in good condition, the Honda will be _much_ less expensive to run.

    I understand the allure of a Ducati, getting a neutered, older, high milage Monster "to learn on" will likely turn you off them for good :)

    Get a Ducati when you can get good one :)
  20. hey mate.

    47k km is NOT high milage for these Dukes. Trinity just bought hers recently, at 120k km. she fcuking loves it. give her a PM <clicky>.

    i was thinking about getting one of these myself too. awesome bike, shitloads of torque to play with (you better take it easy to begin with haha), but yeah you will pay out of the arse for comprehensive insurance. mind you, i suggest you get it for the first year, minimum. get some eperience under your belt. took me 1 week to crash after getting my bike lol, then i wrote it off on the second crash, but i dont call oil on the road my fault. either way comp insurance covered my arse. im now on 3rd party, so $140 or something instead of $800, for a VTR250. you will probably be looking at $1500 for full comp at a guess, AAMI wont touch you coz of cc's, QBE might be your cheapest option. RACV will quote you about $4000. mine was $3500 for the VTR hahahaha. its a joke with them unless your 40. oh and servicing will cost you a fair bit, but if you have money to throw at a bike, make sure you have more for servicing, insurance, and i suggest another $2000+ for gear.

    aaanyway i digress, if you like the bike, get a cover note form insurance, put some money in the face of the seller, and take it for a test ride.see what you think. i think you will love it :grin: