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Ducati for learning

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dwarraich, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hi
    I am getting my learners and plan to go for a Ducati . I like naked bikes and havent driven anything above 125 cc. I know I can handle upto 700 cc. Ducati 656 is too expensive and I cannot find a 620 monster that easy on bike sales . Looked in grey imports but don't trust them . I don't wanna get anything other than Ducati monster but don't want to go for the monster 400 despite its availability. After a year, a 400 may not be enough. Does anyone know if someone officially restricts throttle for 696 monster and make it LaMS approved? Then there is an option to get a ised 696 and make it LAMS approved. The Ducati city guy told me that the current 659 monster is 696 with a throttle control and after doing 12 months of riding, they can remove it to get full power. Can someone share his experience about the
    Monster range and suggest I have tried to convince myself for other bikes but mind doesn't go with it.

  2. No, you can't restrict any unrestricted bike and make it LAMs approved. Unless you buy it interstate restrict it, then register it (depending on which state you're in). But you definitely cannot do that with a 696. To be a LAMs bike it must be under 660cc's, hence the 659.

    There are usually a few 620's out there, but never a lot of them, if you can wait 3 months mine will be up for sale ;)
  3. 659 is a good bike, the other learner legal ducatis are all shithouse mate, not worth the expense at all. Many things out there that **** them for far less money.

    If you cannot afford a 659 then you cannot afford to ride a ducati at this point in time. Get a bank loan or dealer finance if you really want it.
  4. Have to disagree there, the 620 monsters are brilliant, sure there are faster learner bikes out there but they're not Ducatis.
  5. If youve only ever ridden a 125cc, how do you know youll be OK with 700c? how is that magical number arrived at?

    LAMS bikes top out at 660cc, you cannot ride a 696, full stop. Just get something shit if its just a year, youd be surprised how fast it goes. I had a vtr250 for a year, i weigh 100kg. It was fine.
    For the people who have 3 years of Ps, then i would get a better bike (or have HEAPS of disposable cash!) But for one year only?
    Get a shitter. Then go and get the 1100 when you're done with it.
  6. Keep an eye out for a 600 Monster, I had one and enjoyed it on my L's.
  7. Haven't had any issues at all with my 400, got it quite cheap, and whilst not being the fastest learner bike it's a hell of a lot of fun to ride and still plenty of power for me (5 months left on restrictions). And better in every way than a vtr250, which I originally wanted.
  8. And also twice the price :p
  9. Get the LAMS list, find ducati on list, buy, enjoy. Live happily ever after.
  10. P plate riders are not restricted to LAMS bikes after the first year, at least not here in Victoria anyway. From the vic roads website:-

    hen you first get your motorcycle licence (full or probationary), the following restrictions and conditions apply for 12 months from the date of issue (shown on your licence card):

    only ride a learner approved motorcycle (view list of approved motorcycles for novice riders)
    must not carry a pillion passenger (a forecar or sidecar passenger is acceptable)
    must have a zero Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) while riding

    I think the BAC extends for 3 years but not the bike restriction.
  11. Im in NSW.
    We need them for full duration of their P plates.

    The original poster hasn't included their origin.
  12. Thanks guys. It's now clear that I Can't get anything above 660 and only from the LAMS list. I haven't properly driven a heavy bike. Ridden a ninja 250 and monster400 within for a few minutes. I kind of assumed that I can handle bigger bikes with my height and weight . With 250s, I will be bored in a month and I don't want to get something for a short time, at least 2 years.monster 400 is hard to sell I guess- a mate told, as he has one. Don't want to lose a couple of thousand after a year. Somone is selling a 620 monster with 22000 km for 10000. Its a 2006 . Is it over priced?
    P.s. I will riding the bike for 50 km everyday on Hume highway
  13. Have you looked at an SV650S? Still got the v twin sound, more power, & semi naked (but a bit of protection for your freeway ride). If i were to make my selection at this current time, that's what i would be looking for. The prices have dropped a fair bit too.
  14. Indeed, I'd look at a the SV650 for the lams period. And they sell pretty fast when you're off your restrictions. Each one I went to look at seemed to have gone before I had the chance to get there lol

  15. Are you sure about the more power bit?

    The full SV650s aren't LAMS approved. There's a LAMS version, but it has restricted power
  16. Not completely sure on the more power part compared to the new Duc 659 but it is more than the lower spec monsters that have been mentioned. Plus the simple de-restriction would see it exceed the 659 (not that i advocate anyone doing that[-().
  17. It's a good option and can be looked into. I will definitely go and ride it to see how it feels. Are Kawasakis any better? A family friend rides Kawasaki Z750 and he recommended ER-6nL (Lams version). A used would be around 7k mark.
    Are you recommending a SFV650 over a Monster 620? What if the monster is $2000 more?
  18. I rode a VTR250 in my license course yesterday and trust me it was the most uncomfortable I have ever ridden. Enough with Hondas. :)
  19. I'm about to sell my vtr and buy an M620 shortly..

    Had the vtr for 6 months, for one reason or another i've not gone and got my p's yet despite clocking up 6000k's on the vtr.

    Took a mates M750 for a ride yesterday and hooked :)