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Ducati Diavel riding position?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by ursus, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Ducati Diavel seems to be an outstanding bike and is on my list for upgrading from my LAMS machine. I am going to test ride it, but want to ask one thing: what's the riding position like? Is it very much like that on cruisers or is it more sporty one? Is lower back considerably bent forward?

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  2. Talk about massive upgrade lol. I've ridden them a few times, and it's a strange seating position but enjoyable. It's upright like a cruiser but your feet are slightly tucked back, not forward like a cruiser. Best advice I can give is to go sit on one :) Maybe have it in urban mode until you get used to the power. The testa 11 engine is a monster.
  3. I am going to arrange a test ride this week. I sat on one, but cannot figure it yet. Very curious as to how it feels in motion.
  4. It feels like awesome, that's the only way I can describe it. I'm still many years from being able to afford one though :)
  5. That is an epic upgrade!

    Let us know how you find it coming from (presumably) a LAMS bike to that.
  6. I just upgraded from a Honda CB400 to a Diavel - it's a very similar seating position, just a much bigger bike, but the seat height almost identical to the CB400. (in fact, I got the taller touring seat to increase it by 40mm for comfort)

    It's a fantastic bike, it's fast and handles amazingly well - HD riders will nod at you, realise it's a Ducati then proceed to ignore you.. as you blast them off the lights.. great bike!

    A word of warning - it will bring out your inner hoon
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  7. you would have to remove the mirrors from your garage.
  8. Thread revival.

    Do you still own it?

    How have the servicing costs been?

    What has it been like to live with and what type of riding have you been doing with it?

    Has the finish of the materials stood up well?

    I have been long tempted, and am going to go and look at one tomorrow.

  9. Would also be interested in knowing these answers from the OP (or other Diavel owners)

  10. I still own mine.

    The servicing costs have only been $350 for the first, then they are at 12k intervals, unfortunately I haven't had the time to rack up that many on it this year and it's currently only sitting at 8k.

    I commute, long distances, track.. anything, it has been good at them all, albeit the options for attaching luggage is limited, had an incident where my Kriega bag slipped off the seat and was sitting over the rear guard for a little, could have ended badly.. it's now attached to the sub frame, no problems so far.

    I have got a couple of small stone chips on the matt finished shrouding of the headlight.. other than that, it looks like it's just came out of the shop, really happy with how it is holding up.

    It has to be one of the most fun bikes I've ever ridden, I have friends with R1's that have converted because they love the speed, and comfort all in the one package.

    I agree that the looks are not everyones cup of tea, but I for one love it! If I was to sell it, it would only be because I want to get a proper tourer (ie BMW 1200/800 GS.... and a dirt bike) otherwise I will be keeping this bike for a long, long time.
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  11. That sounds like a good vote for it. In my mind a second hand version is a serious contender post LAMS for me, and I do like lattes, so all good there. :)

    Lack of luggage attachment options is a bit of a bummer, any other negatives to consider?
  12. How does it hold up fuel wise? I know it's not really much of a consideration for most motorcyclists, but I'm not most motorcyclists haha. How many k's do you usually get to a fill up?

    I'm looking at stepping up from my Ninja 650 to the Diavel soon. I've loved them since the day the concepts came out ...
  13. What's it like for commuting, in stop start traffic? Could you ride it everyday? I've heard the standard seat gets really uncomfortable after a while. I've always loved these bikes.
  14. Well, took one out today for a test ride.

    I love the riding position, although on the test bike the gear change lever needed to be adjusted a bit higher, very comfortable ride.

    The only thing I found hard to adjust to was the amount of under steer caused by that rear Tyre! It needed a good push on the bars to get it to turn in.

    Still umming and ahhing as to get one or wait for the Monster 1200 in April.
  15. The Kriega luggage system is good now that it's tied to the sub-frame and not just the loops under the seat, no issues with it now. I can load 45-60L of gear on the back without any issues.

    I normally get about 280km before the fuel light comes on, have pushed it out to 350km, but it was running on fumes when I arrived at the petrol station.

    I upgraded my standard seat with the touring one, it was mainly to add the extra 40mm of height because I was slightly cramped over long distance. Either seat coupled with an AirHawk R and I can ride for days.

    I can use this as a daily rider, it's fine under stop start and considering it's size, it can filter traffic with ease.. also, when someone is creeping over on your lane, a quick rev and they soon make room.
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  16. Is the horn broken already, bloody shit Italian electrics.
  17. Go ride a z1000 as well ,