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Ducati Diavel - Melbourne Motorcycle Expo

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by PhoenixRZNG, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Just came back from the Expo, expressly to check out the Diavel.

    I have to say (maybe my expectations were too high), but I was slightly underwhelmed. Slightly only, though. Ducati didn't really go out of their way to showcase it, either. (unlike the VMax, which could be seen from miles around!)
    I nearly missed it, and it didn't stop any of the 'normal' punters in their tracks. No crowds around it or anything.

    Very nice looking bike and looks like it would kick a$$ against almost anything out there!

    The riding position, stance, geometry, proportions, etc place this one squarely against the V-Max and (possibly the B-King). Looked like a Monster on Steroids. Not really a 'cruiser' like I thought it would be.

    The handlebars s*cked, but then again, I'm sure they could be swapped out.

    I have to go back and check it out a second time, me thinks.



  2. Personally I think ducati missed the mark on this one.

    Its not really a sportsbike/tourer/cruiser, maybe just a naked with mini fairing? I'm a bit lost.
  3. Yeah, the early prototypes looked the Shizzle (maybe a tiny bit too V-Rod'y)!!!...but the production bike looks too 'soft': like they chickened out at the last second!! Too bad...


  4. My mates and I all sat on it and then said "wow if I brake to quickly my voice would hit such I high pitch" what were they thinking?
    Agree earlier pics and posture looked heaps better.
    Though did you notice its quite a long bike, I would be curious to see how it would handle.

  5. The write up says it is set at attracting the H-D folk!! Bwahaha

    I dunno!
  6. Saw it liked it
  7. But would you fork out the dollars for one?
  8. I wouldn't. But I might if it looked like the proto. It does look soft.
  9. If I had the bikkies spare to use on toys then yes
  10. It sets the bench mark for tech tho.

    Keyless start gps in dash option

    Abs STD

    And more.
  11. Like you RZGN , I think I expected something like the prototype ..

    I didn't like the look of the Diavel at all it looks all top heavy..
    and the headlight with the lace curtain pattern look .. hmmmmm yuk !!
    AND it's a Vtwin (1198) .. unlike the Vmax V4 (1700)

    I spose I've been to spoilt with experiencing the
    ride/looks of the Vmax with Bruce .... now that's a muscle bike ;)
  12. I reckon it looks the goods
    Had a sit on it as well it did seem wide but felt aggressive.
  13. I am a Ducati fan so yes I am biased.

    I watched the video launch a few weeks ago of this bike and couldn't believe they had on at our show.

    I love the look of it - designed with passion, and for me, being a short arse I could put my feet flat on the ground, and the riding position was almost cruiser like.

    Would I put one in my garage ??- if i was going to spend $25k on a bike - in a heart beat - no hesitation.

    Love Ducati :)
  14. horrid, just horrid... not a duke that inspires at all, and I've owned a few.
  15. So.... more or less a Ducati V-Rod? Or am I missing something? Prototype looked way better.
  16. It left me underwhelmed too. Personally I think its uglier than the B-King and that’s saying something.
    Maybe it was the colour choice or the lighting but it just didn’t grab me like the pre production pics did.
  17. I think it looks a hell of a lot better than I thought it would. A lot more compact than the photos make it look.

    Strange market segment to be going after, but I guess they've done their market research. Hopefully they don't use the same company that Honda use. (Ahem, DN-01)
  18. Many, many years ago I saw an Indiana....dog it was awful....
  19. Sure...Looks good from THAT angle.
    But usually, people aren't on the ground on all fours when looking up at your bike (....or are they???) :p