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Ducati dealer closures?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by zeddicus, Apr 9, 2011.

  1. While at Fraser's today looking at a Multistrada, David mentioned Ducati Penrith and Ducati Canberra had closed today. Does anyone know if this is the case/have any further info?

  2. Yes Gecko in Canberra have closed
  3. Penrith is also now closed.
    Ducati Brisbane 'relabelled' themselves last year as well....
  4. wonder why, sales must be shit
  5. That would be surprising judged by the number of 1198/848s and Streetfighters I see around inner Melbourne. Can the interstate market be that different?
  6. I THINK they call come into the country through Honest Norm, so maybe Frasers are cutting back on the franchise dealerships in order to take direct control themselves now a market has been established ??
  7. Our local, Wagga, Ducati dealer (Honda and KTM) closed it's doors just over 12 months ago. The Albury store had already closed. Frasers said they were looking to get another dealer in the area. To date, nothing, not even a hint of one.
  8. The past couple of years have been hard on the bike industry since the GFC. Lots of shops have gone to the wall, big ones and little ones. I would imagine A ducati shop would have pretty high overheads and if people aren't walking in the door and riding away on new bikes it isnt that long until the money runs out and the doors close :-(
  9. on balance, though you can't go in and look around and then buy one on the 'Net.....
  10. So Northside in Artarmon is the only one other than Frasers now in Sydney.

    Good blokes at Northside, if you are interested in a Duc give them a call. I am not affiliated with them only a customer.
  11. Wow I am really suprised to hear Gecko in the ACT are gone, I brought my 748 off them years ago and they seemed to have a really loyal customer base.. hell didn't they get some of the first diavels in Oz and sold them well before delivery.
  12. Seriously I'm not surprised considering the cost of a new 1198 S -- there is NO way I would part with that much money for a bike unless it was gold plated
  13. Oh I don't know... I couldn't give mine up. I'll never ride it to even 50% of its capability but I still love it to bits.
  14. I reckon they pulled Penrith cause it wouldnt be much of a market down that way
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  15. Will they be cheaper, with less stores,
  16. I think exactly the opposite; if Frasers RUN all the stores, (if that's the plan) then they can prcie it however they like, and you either pay or do without.....
  17. Agreed - but then the forces of supply and demand come in - if they charge to much demand drops off
  18. Then if I, a Canberrian, want to buy a ducati, where do I go to?
  19. Canberra's just an outer suburb of Sydney. I guess you'll be coming to Fraser's then.
  20. Ducati closing stores.
    Noosa's house prices hits rock bottom.
    Beewah's and Audi's sales are down.
    We ducked the GFC the first time. If our mining industry gets a bit sick it will bring down a lot more than Joe blog earning two large a week.
    It's like a very big house of cards riding on the back of a dump truck.