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NSW Ducati Darmah SSD - Sydney

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by oldslohand, May 28, 2016.

  1. Stolen 1985 NSW Sydney from Birrell St Bondi Junction Waverley ....One Ducati 900 SSD Damah original colour 2 tone Silver Blue... repainted by Me to 2 tone Black Gold back then in 1985 very rare Ducati only 1400 made for world wide distrubution ...Reported to Waverley Police Station...Rego no....VY949 still have many pictures of this fine motor cycle ...I am still looking for it.

  2. I think it might be time to give up on this and move on, don't you?
  3. Engine and frame numbers would help. Was this stolen 31 years ago ?
  4. Need bring back capital punishment for this one
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  5. time does not always heal the pain Pauly
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  6. Of course it doesn't but the chance of finding even a bolt from a bike stolen over thirty years ago is less than nil.
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  7. any ways i wish him the best of luck
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  8. So do I, of course!!
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  9. best of luck oldslohandoldslohand - I'm guessing there was no insurance payout.

    I saw one of these in the light blue colour at Rouse Hill maccas last Sunday before we set off on the Six Ferry ride.

    looked similar to this one

  10. I would like my Triumph Bonnie 1976 T140V back as well,never saw it again.
  11. just spotted this one on bikesales, I guess there must have been a few sent to Oz

  12. Good luck brother. Wish you all the best on this one.
  13. Thank you Brother ....the hunt goes on even after 30 years for the SSD 900.
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  14. Cold case, love it. I had a Kit Kat stolen from my lunch box about the same time - in one of the rare red and white wrappers with black writing. Reading between the lines I think the crimes could be connected.

    Yeah just kidding, it'd be nice if you did find the bike after all this time. Sweet machine. All bike thief's are despicable pieces of work.
  15. At the moment going thru Old Rego papers hope I still have it for my 1980 Ducati SSD 900 ...rang RMS or RTA they have it on Record as Stolen looking for papers now for it... things have changed in 30 years as in Stamped chassis numbers and engine block numbers can be traced if falsified...Yes 31 years ago correct.
  16. I left my gloves on my bike seat at work today ... gone :-(
  17. Oh that is annoying

    Good look to OP on finding the long lost bike
  18. fin mentalfin mental ......... your accent cracks me up :whistle:
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  19. Dual purpose, that was.
    I'm quite impressed with such a suitable typo
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