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Ducati Cruiser?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by termis, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Pretty damn risky move IMO. If it's true, it could be either a good source of cash cow, or it could erode the whole brand, much like what the Cayenne did for Porsche.

    I'm having mixed feelings about it...


    There's also a better pic of it in the latest edition of AMCN.

  2. Pretty unbelievable, but the way Ducati has been going lately spitting out new bikes just becuase someone at a trade fair or on the web said it looked like a good idea - for example the Hypermotard, the Classic sport sereis etc...

    Regardles, I hope people buy them because Ducati is the sort of bike brands that make motorcycles intresting.
  3. So why has the Cayenne eroded Porsche's brand?

    After launching its Cayenne SUV to the world in 2002, Porsche has now built more than 250,000 examples -- significantly broadening its customer base and creating what, in Australia, has become its single biggest-selling model. The Cayenne currently out-sells all other Porsches including the iconic 911.


    Couple guys I know who own Carrerra's never mention the Cayenne :?

    Back to the Cruiser - if anything it's a bit like the VRod - IMHO, a great bike :cool:

    And thanks for the link - wasn't aware of the Adventure Model - now that's boring :(
  4. looks wise i'd have the ducatti over the Vmax. AMCN has a rendered image due to the legal crud over the photos of the clay model.
  5. Agree on the Hypermotard, but lurve the Classic Sport's :cool:
  6. As for the whole eroding thing -- Porsche is making money with the Cayenne, but a lot of purists are starting to roll their eyes at Porsche. Porsche was supposed to stand for high-performance sportscars, but including an SUV into their lineup brought the whole brand a notch down in the minds of many sportscar purists. They're making money with the model now, but we'll see if it has adverse LONG-term consequences.

    The marques that have a passionate following are the ones who tend to have a reputation for one particular category, whether it be Harley for cruisers, Ducatis for sportbikes, Vespas for scooters, etc. I'd imagine that's why Harley's not getting into sportbikes (other than the sole VR1000). Instead of diluting their core brand, they take dips in the sportbike market through other labels like Buell or MV.

    All that said, I'd also imagine that it's hard to continually make money with cutting edge stuff that require constant & expensive R&D, so doing something like this may make financial sense. It's a catch-22 situation in a way...
  7. Now watch Alfa Romeo do the same thing with their new SUV :( I really loved Alfa's. It's sad to see some of the all time great marques giving into the big dollar. Can't wannabe socialites and blow hard self-importants stick to their Mercedes M-classes and BMW X series without raping the best of the best to?
  8. I'd settle for the Suzuki M109 1800cc V-twin in a naked sports chassis.
  9. Theres always the Yamaha MT-01. That thing looks fantastic and sounds so horn. Put some clips-ons on it and turn it into a massive cafe fighter :grin:
  10. But if it wasn't for the Cayenne, purists would quite possibly have no more Porsche to roll their eyes at, because the company was heading for serious financial trouble. By all accounts, it was saved largely by good sales of the Cayenne.

    If it saves Ducati from becoming another branch of some Chinese company like it happened to Benelli or Sachs, let them build cruisers or scooters, if that's what it takes. Like the Cayenne they'll mostly sell in America anyway, so who cares.
  11. Yep, I've ridden one and they are enticing. There's some decent ones around for 12-14K lately.

    But the Suzuki motor punches a good bit harder out of the box. The bike I'm talking about is pretty much a Suzuki version of the MT.
  12. You must be kidding, the hypermotard looks great, was riding next to one for a while yesterday and they sound great too :)
  13. And now Porsche have released a 4-door sports car - the biggest hatchback in the world. The purists will be having siezures:
    The farkin thing is longer than a Land Cruiser, looks like a 911 been living on fried chicken for 10 years, but the twin-turbo V8 still does 0-100 in 4.0secs! Write up in Drive today if anyone's interested.

    Can you say "slippery slope" anyone?

    As for Ducati, if it helps finance the R&D on their superbikes, who are we to complain? Not my cuppa tea, though it will no doubt look slightly better in production than clay!
  14. They said the same thing when the 928 was released and while it never replaced the 911 as intended it was, without a doubt, one of the finest GT cars ever produced.

    A four-door didn't hurt Ferrari in the past.
  15. I actually like the look of the Panamera. Its just a 'grand tourer' from a sports car company. Why is everyone so amazed? I don't know.

    The cayenne was porsche doing what a business does best - selling what the market wants. If people want big lumbering SUV's, they'll sell them. And i've certainly seen more cayennes around school than 911's.
    Unfortunately the cayenne is undeniably ugly.

    All these lucrative projects help rake in the cash.

    Having said that, I find the idea of a ducati cruiser absolutely terrible.[/img]
  16. That cruiser thing even makes the Honda V4 prototype look pretty...yewww.
  17. WTF is that car? That doesn't look like a Panamera at all! I am a fan of Panamera. In fact Porsche is my favourite marque having owned a few in the past. I don't even mine the Cayenne, particularly the current interation in GTS or Turbo form. I think they look quite nice.
  18. Ooops! Busted! :oops:

    That's a photoshop from a few years back. Previous post fixed. Good spot WAY. Info is from Drive today though, so hopefully accurate!
  19. Ouch, I wasn't previously saying that either the Hypermotard or Sport Classic sereis were ill-concieced, it's just that Ducati lately are turning out new models with very short lead times & on interest expressed at trade fairs etc.
    Cruisers & offroad/MX are the only factory derived alternatives I haven't seen their aircooled dual-spark Desmo in.

    Off topic, but Alfa Romeo have a licence to print money if they ever bring out a car (any car) with rear wheel drive. Methinks their Ferrari tie-in are holding the reins on this one (all the italian brands seem to be sleeping in the same be over there).
  20. I've been seeing one of these on the Eastern a lot lately, terrific looking bike, clean, lean and muscular.