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Ducati club meet gets cleaned up by netrider

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Foxy, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. Following a netrider meeting last night of which details will be posted at a later date, I've been asked to put this post up. Meeting went as follows:-

    6pm Bell Hotel (6.10pm for some of us....don't worry Deb I won't name names lol)

    After we had all assembled we where sundenly drowned out by the sound of several Ducati's who also had a club meet at the same time.

    They were a friendly bunch, even offered us to buy some raffle tickets for some T-Shirts signed by Troy Bayliss which a couple of us purchased.

    Needless to say, who turned up to this meeting???? None other than Troy Bayliss himself..... after much suprise, snapping our fingers at Deb, peeling her off her chair and gettting a few autographs, it was time for Troy to draw the raffle

    Well now who happened to have three of the winning tickets?? :D :D :D you guessed it yours truely. I'm sure I got a few glares from the Ducati riders as I got onto my black sv and rode off into the sunset after striping them of three of... um.... their prizes lol.


    Anyway, I have donated one of these shirts to netrider to be auction off at a later date.

    Oh, and for all of you who were wondering how to get to HQ, you no longer have to PM Deb, just follow her drool from the Bell Hotel all the way to Mulgrave :LOL:
  2. ahhh mmmm izkshzil;hyufvnz;n bgfvzipayuzid;fgha;ihtuiwos
    Yeps, I was in awe. I finally met my troy boy!!!!!!!!...and for the record Foxy, its BAYLISS get it right will ya :p :roll:
    I slept so well last night :D :D
    Will post my pride piccy (thanx to Jason aka Mouth for his camera phone :D ) in the netriderpix group....ahh stuff it, it's going on the main page :D
  3. Oh, and a HUGEEEEEEEE thank you to Foxy for giving me one of the shirts he won :D :D :D
  4. How cool is that, damn would loved to have been there :)

    You should have offered him some riding tips Foxy ;)
  5. i hope it was on your pillow :LOL:
  6. Well Deb did offer to ride him to the finish line lol....just kidding deb :)
  7. It was but I gotta admit, I took my phone to bed with me last night as it has a great new wallpaper pic :D
  8. Hahahaa, no you're not!!!
    I didn't offer that....honest I didn't :oops:

    This last comment is for the benefit of a particular person...you know who you are :wink:
  9. yep and i bet it was on vibrate too .......hussy :LOL:
  10. I'm just surprised she didn't faint when he said goodbye to our little group... first and last time Deb will forget she had a full drink in front of her...
  11. LOL, that was funny cause I did!! My beer was warm by the time I realised it was still sitting in front of me.
    And when he left and looked me straight in the eye and said "cya later" I nearly passed out.....ahhhhhhhhh.....I think i need to go lay down for a while. No use packing for the island while still in this frame of mind :oops: :LOL:
  12. Hey that was me he was looking at lol
  13. It was not!!!! :evil:
    Stop trying to ruin my fantasies :p
  14. Full size version headed your way very shortly :)
  15. Bugger!-I should not have left early :(

    What time did Bayliss turn up?
  16. 8:21pm. Ahhhh, back to the couch now :? :wink:
  17. Around 8-8.30
  18. Sorry, didn't know the EXACT time of arrival
  19. about the same time deb slid off the chair. I believe she's able to sense these things :)
  20. all I can say is I hope Deb didn't have to do an emergency brake on the way home!!! :)