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Ducati and me

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cool jesus, Dec 3, 2015.

  1. Hey swingers, having mucked around a little on trail bikes in my adolescent life, decades later I'm finally going to take the plunge into 2 wheels and get my licence for the road. Have an obscene obsession with mechanika Italiano with a current stable of 4 Alfa Romeos. With the plethora of Italian marques on 2 wheels, I've always loved the sound and look of the Ducati. Now I haven't been on a bike for decades, so I'm not going to kid myself with an oversized bike to start with. So hope to be able to contribute on the forum and looking forward to any suggestions, Ducati wise, that would be worth considering for the first year or so? It would become my daily ride to work, but can't promise that I wouldn't jump into the Alfas here and there.

  2. Gday mate and welcome to the group. If your thinking Ducati, and don't have your fulls yet, then the 659 is a great little bike for a learner or someone getting back into it. A great nimble bike!

    It is essentially a 696 sleeved and restricted for the LAMS scheme.
  3. Thanks dude, I have been watching a couple of 659s online. Any thoughts on the 400?
  4. Ahh yeah pretty cool old bike, but the 659 is lighter and more powerfull plus there is ABS. You could probably get a 659 with similar klms that a 400 would have for just a little bit more. The 659 is injected the 400 is old skool carb'd. So less hassel......
  5. Ah so, there's the price difference then. 659 it is then. Is that a Cat in your Avatar?
  6. G'day, if you press the little arrow under the avatar you will see he indeed rides a Duc.
  7. Welcome cool Jesus!
    You sound like me! I've had 19 Italians cars, mostly Alfa's, and have the Giulietta QV currently.
    I'm and Alfa club member and a Ducati owners club Victoria member.
    I also have a Monster 659. Absolutely ripper bike and sounds awesome. Let me know if you want to know anything.
    IMG_7440.JPG 011 (3).JPG
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  8. What's your daily ride to work?

    If it's all inner city, heavy traffic, you might look at the earlier LAMS Monster 620..... it is/was stupidly over limited in performance, but, if you are prepared to take the chance, easy to un-limit.

    I've not ridden the 659, but have ridden the 696, which, lovely bike tho it is, I hated riding it in city traffic, it got hot and was too tall geared.

    It was also rather uncomfortable in the "gentleman's bits" area.... :-(

    (Hmm, owns 4 Alfas, possibly a bit of a masochist?...)
  9. Yes mate it's a 1200S. The 659 is a great little bike. Yes it gets hot in traffic but so do most Ducati's. It is a little to tall geared, but a 14 tooth sprocket fixes that and makes it much more user friendly in the lower gears. Either way enjoy chosing what you want.........
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    Thanks guys. Bam Bam, yeah same here in AROCA up here in Sydney, your rides look awesome. Have always had a want to be on a bike but have just never really been able to get myself there. I've been watching Vlogs on youtube of some local riders and the misses then sends me a bikesales ad for a Monster 659! One can only interpret that as constructive permission to purchase, so I'm going to strike will the iron is hot. I can only consider myself as a novice rider, so fingers crossed, but I will no doubt stuff it up in my first year or so as I learn the ins and outs of riding in the city.

    So I have a couple of Qs for you Bam Bam and others to start off with. Being the nervous novice, should I perhaps start off with a smaller LAMS bike such as the Monster 400 or is there no real difference in coping with it size wise? My initial desire is the Monster 659, is there anything I should be aware of when buying? I'm finding that producable service history is more prevalent with bikes, something I've always found wanting with cars, but is there an item I should look for or be aware of? With Alfas service history is important, as is a certain gearbox to stear clear of, along with timing belt replacement time frames. Any pointers greatly appreciated.

    Bwah ha, masochist! I have heard things about the Cats aswell crazycam. The rumours just provide me with cheap rides to play with. Currently my daily is on 4 wheels, haven't been on a bike since I was a kid with the occasional trail bike ride in the bush with family. 620? yes, i've seen them too, hmmm.
    14 tooth sprocket Tiga, I'll keep that in mind as I'm not a stranger to self serve mechanicals (4 Alfas you know).
  11. Aye, I forgot about the Cats.... the 696 I rode did have them removed....they were at the front of each of the mufflers.
    It did help a bit.

    How is AROCA these days?

    Back when I played with cars, I was a fairly active member but that was a long time ago.
  12. I bought an M659 for first bike month or so ago and am loving it. An sure there are easier bike to ride in traffic, but I think mine sounds the best. Is good weight, height and power for new rider I'm finding. Big enough to cruise comfortably at hwy speeds too.
  13. Don't waste your time on the 400, go straight to the 659. It's still just a Lams bike and you will get used to it very easy and quickly.
    I find it very comfortable once you have done a few longer rides, but thats with any Ducati. I don't find it get's too hot in traffic or commuting, it fine for me. It's perfectly fine for commuting as well.
    I have even done some track days days on it, it's a great bike.
    Definitely get the 14 tooth front sprocket (it's a cheap thing to buy and fit), it makes the bike far more pleasant to ride. It helps keep the rpm around 4000 and higher which is where the motor is smoothest. Also helps the commuting feeling. They gear these high from the factory for emissions, but even the deanships will tell you it's a far better bike with the 14 front sprocket.
    As far as what to look for, they are pretty well sorted these bikes. Try to buy as late a model as you can. i have the 2013 model. The service history is important it think.
    The lower the kms, the better. Remember that every 12,000kms is cams belts and valve clearance and can cost a bit. Expect around $600 -$1000 for the 12,000kms service if you get the whole lot done at a ducati dealership.
    Now that my bike is just out of warranty, i do my own servicing.
    Check for signs of accidents or dropping.
    Try to get one with an aftermarket exhaust like the termignoni or SC project, akropovic etc. It a great sounding monster and you will really appreciate opening the noise up a little!
    Second hand, the bike cost roughly the same weather it has aftermarket exhaust or not, but if you buy a bike without aftermarket exhaust, then decide you want it, well the Termi's are around $1500 fitted!!!
    Also see if you can get one with a trial tidy already on it. These are common mods that make the bike that much better!
    Just make sure you get the original pipes as well for road worthy etc.

    Good luck!
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  14. Thanks chaps, this is gold. Looks like I'm on the hunt for a 659. I didn't think there would be too many glitches if any on them. The lack of negative posts is a testament to this, as we are more eager to share our negative experiences over the positives. Didn't expect the major service to be so high? Glad I've experienced Alfa mechanicals in that case.
  15. Can't imagine the Alfa club has ever changed. Good bunch of enthusiasts. Have also been kicking around with ausalfa, younger membership which suites my tongue in cheek humour. Have also been kicking around with a fledgling VW group that has regular road trips. May have to consider my stay there, otherwise I'll end up in gaol with the spirited driving they enjoy.
  16. don't bother with the 400.

    2 reasons.
    they weren't aus delivered, and often have dubious service histories. You're inviting mechanical issues, and while, loving alfas, you're probably no stranger to the business end of many many tools...or mechanic's invoices.... why would you bother when a 659, or even 620 has so many less issues and ducati build quality has come so far.

    why have a 400 when you can have a 659 or 620? I'm an advocate of small bikes, but the 400 monster isn't known to be one of the better ones, it's an accountants bike, made to suit tax systems rather than a performance point. The same could be said for the LAMS 620 and the 659, but theres a big performance difference, and, let's face it, displacement heavily affects the sound, and thats got to be one of the best things about riding a ducati.
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  17. Yep, "the sound" is exactly what drew me to the Ducati decades ago over other Italian bikes. Good to know that about the 400s.
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  18. G'day mate. Blue sky thought here, but have a look at the nakeds from other Italian makes like Aprilia (Shiver 750) and MV Agusta (Brutale, Dragster 800's) as well. At best you've got a great comparison of all of them before you buy anything, at worst you get to test ride some pretty cool machines.....and they both sound bloody good (V twin vs triple).

    Plus if you don't buy a Ducati you won't have to drink as many lattes....;)
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  19. I think he said he wants something not to crazy for now. The complete opposite to the Brutale dragster!!
  20. Can always ride them in restricted power mode lol. Figure anyone would get off that pretty quick once they discover the joys of hyperspace...
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