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Ducati 999 vs. Hyosung gt250r/gt650r

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jaguarfanster, Aug 26, 2012.

  1. Firstly, no I'm not comparing the Hyos with the Ducati 999.

    I've had some interest the 999 of late but can't help noticing the front end similarity with the Hyos. This is a deal breaker for me. However it got me thinking. Would other prospective buyers harbour similar views? Given that consumers value purchases through perception isn't Hyosung damaging Ducati's intellectual property?

    Regards perception consider, for example, iPhones. Technologically inferior to Android yet manages greater sales turnover. Irrational behaviour explainable only through perception. Specifically 'iPhones are cool therefore I must have one'. Conversely consumer perception of Hyosung is generally negative. Thus is there not a possibility of this perception 'flowing-on' to the Ducati 999? Would this be grounds for Ducati to sue?

    I understand that the 999 is no longer in production but it is one of few later model Ducati's within my price range. Excluding the Monster of course. Hyodung's ruined it for me.
  2. Interesting read. You could also say the megelli is almost a mini 848/1098/1198 it is so similar in looks. But I guess it's entirely up to the individuals perception and I've never considered any housing to look like a Ducati.
    I suppose you can also throw in the vtr250 vs the monster series.

    Your perception is your perception, this may may not be reality :)
  3. I thought the 312 looked more like the Hyo's than the 999
    Wasn't the most popular Ducati made. Go the 916 for madness or 998 for engineering excellence
  4. Nah I hear you there. I am sick of seeing what I think to be duke's when they're bloody Hyoshight's.. It would definitely put me off. I don't really like Duke's anyway to be honest. I think they are a bit overrated (that said I have never ridden one coz I can't afford one).
  5. If you could leave your tech-snobbery at the door, you might find that a major contributing factor in the popularity of the iPhone over Android-based phones is simply that most people neither understand nor require the flexibility offered by Android. - The average person wants to listen to music, play a few games, make some calls and use a few apps. The iPhone does all of these things brilliantly and iTunes is still unmatched in terms of the sheer abundance of quality content available.
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  6. Why do IPhone users get so defensive...lol
    I could make the veins pop on my XGF's head with comments about her stupid IPhone.
  7. Probably because they get called "stupid" by android/other users.

    The iPhone's trump card is its user interface. No android phone until the Samsung Galaxy SIII has offered anything close. iPhone users enjoy a simple, quality experience using their phone. It's not about any "cool" factor for me.

    As for the 999/Hyosung.... One is an Italian masterpiece. The other comes from a company which copies designs. No one is going to believe a Ducati 999 is a Hyosung. The OP needs to listen to Chopper.
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  8. It's amazing how many times i've been asked to fix problems with iPhones though. Alot more to them than meets the eye - that said - I;m only going android from now on (except for my laptop air).
  9. I hear you there rainbow. Plenty of iPhone users are happy with the basics. Games, calls, apps etc. They don't need nor require the additional functionality of the Android. That's fair.

    Yet I counter with this. Why would one pay considerably MORE for a product that offers LESS? Is that not irrational behaviour? Could you not argue that behaviour is synonymous with the 'cool' perception of iGear?

    Derailment in 3. 2. 1....
  10. I smell a lawsuit. Ahh 'your perception is your perception, this may not be reality'. True. Yet I'm not touching that can of worms. Hahah.
  11. I don't think Ducati is worried about their designs being used on "lesser" bikes, otherwise they never would have let Tamburini make the Cagiva Mito look like it did.

    Of course now that it's in the hands of VW anything could happen.....
  12. Nah, the whoflungdung has been around many years unchanged. It would have happened by now.
  13. Woohoo another Android Vs iShit thread.... im bored already.
  14. Lets throw in overpriced Mac and shoddily built Toshiba's too
    fight fight fight
  15. Great thread derailment everyone!
  16. Hyosung should have copied one of the Japanese, they might have avoided these quality issues had they not copied the Duc.
  17. Someone posted a pic of their new hyo here a few months back, Only thing that i could think to post was .Why does a motorcycle look like its had a Viagra Malfunction?

    But this is the internet and it has enough mean people.

    Iphone = interesting once hacked smacked cracked and a few repo`s added ,my old 3gs is still no freekin hotspot , & i have the shsh blobs from 4.1 onwards

    android = just kick ass fun if you like that kind of thing.And people love me when i choose a good rom and update their phones to kickass mode
  18. If they copied the 999 a little more with their headlight design I 'may' have actually considered one as a first bike. My main reason for not buying one was to do with that dodgy headlight design. Yes this was before I knew so much about their never-ending problems.

    As for the why pay more for less comment with the phones, sometimes less is more. Less features but a simpler more unified interface with greater fit and finish (both hardware and software), makes for a more usable device. See what I'm getting at?
    Before I get a typical response in regards to software fit and finish, consider that app designers have only few different resolutions and hardware configurations to cater for on an Apple mobile device, vs a myriad of configurations from those sporting the android platform.
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  19. This proves how farked up hyodung is.
    It decides to copy Ducati-and copies the 999