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Ducati 999 thoughts

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Scumbag, May 10, 2006.

  1. I had the oportunity to take a 999 home the other week. (I love working in a bike shop) :):):)
    Thought I would share a couple of things I noticed.
    First of all for a bike that is very focussed in what it should do I found it quite comfortable. Not to say I would tour on it but still more than reasonable.
    Next, goes well. Damn it goes well.
    Little hard to get off the line but that is the long gearing. I can remember doing about 100 still in first gear with revs to go. Most of the time I tooled around in second gear, even off idle still had more than enough stomp for this black duck.
    Heat, this thing pumps it out. Problem is it dumps it on your inner thighs and knees. Now on a cold day more than welcome but it would have to be a really cold day.
    Brakes are fantastic, good feel and plenty of power and these are not the new radial style.
    I did not take it on many corners, basically from Oakleigh to town to meet someone then home again.
    But I did notice that it was very easy to tip into a corner and would hold a line really well even with my ham fisted throttle control.
    The engine is very responsive, just touch the throttle and the revs rise and fall easily.

    Final thoughts. Would I buy one??? Only for track use only and then only if I could find one that had already been track dayed. I would not have one on the road not enough civility for me. I would definately not use it to commute.
  2. It's a scalpel :!: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  3. Just a thought about the 999 in relation to styling...
    I actually quite like the look myself, but I know a lot of people think that it doesn't come close to the 916-998 family in that regard.
    Now that we've seen what the 1199 is going to look like, and that it definitely goes back to the 916 look in many regards, won't that make the 999 something of an orphan?
  4. when I first saw the 999 all those years ago, I thought good grief that is ugly. It certainly is not a pretty bike, but I have come to admire the styling as time has gone on.
    With the new 1199, if it is a certainty I will have to wait until I see one in the flesh to make my mind up.
  5. They'll probably use the rest of the motors in the Hyper Monster: S4RS.
  6. Speaking of which (the Hyper Monster) have just uncrated one here this morning. Interesting mix of parts on board.
  7. And being a Ducati, you're gonna know all of them pretty intimately once they've broken a few times.... :)
  8. I was just thinking how nice those Ohlin's legs and brake mountings are...
    I'd better come in for a closer look. :grin:
  9. Oh Cejay you are so funny, my sides are hurting stop it.:):):)
    I might have to find out if it is just going to sit on the floor or be a demo.
    Mmmmmmm demo
  10. A mate of mine just bought a 999 to convert to a track bike, the mad bugger even did PI twice while the standard fairings were still on (and didn't hold back on the track!).

    He rode it around for a while beforehand, but basically came to the conclusion that it's traits are wasted on the road.

    Looks are subjective, but I now prefer the look of the 999 series to the earlier bikes.
  11. You think I should leave the lucrative World of IT and become a comedian eh?