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Ducati 999 on Warringah Freeway

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Vertical C, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. Going to work today on the Madass going 80 (the speed limit) on the Warringah freeway as that is all the little bike will do on the flat. I was in left hand lane smack in the middle of my lane I have a truck beside me slowly overtaking.

    Ducati comes up behind me fast and then honks his horn to motion to move over. The far right lane was free but this guy wants to lane split at 80km an hour putting both our lives at risk. [-X

    He gets pissed off when I wouldn't move and gestures at me when he gets past.

    If you read this perhaps you could get some training on learning to read traffic and you would have gone straight around in the far lane. It's not that hard.

  2. Your bike does 80 flat out?

    You have bigger problems than getting gestured at.
  3. burnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  4. Just because your bike is unstable as all hell at 80kmh, doesn't mean they all are ;)
  5. Vertical C
    Personally if someone catches up to me then obviously they have a higher average speed than I do. Therefore I always give overtaking room when I can, irrespective of being in car, truck or on a bike, and giving room to another bike when on a bike yourself is so bloody easy.....
    Only problem is that I presume the same courtesy, which doesn't happen too often....so then I get the s**s and start to ride a little differently...:angel:
  6. Hold up a little Phiz, I personally am not particularly fussed about people exceeding the speed limit, but getting agro at someone because they wont create you space (Especially when they are in the left lane is a bit blood rich.
    Seriously if you want to go for it and can’t work your way around an other vehicle then maybe reconsider if you are skilled enough to go for it.
    If you can safely make the pass without resorting to honking and gesturing then knock yourself out
  7. ducati rider nuff said

    probably needed the extra room for the overinflated ego
  8. He was late for his latte
  9. Ducati riders are never late for latte!
  10. Would it have been so hard to have moved into to the left wheel track to let him pass? Would have been the courteous thing to do would it not? We ride bikes plenty of room to share a lane for all of the second it'll take for him to pass you by. Which also would have put you further away from the truck.

    Granted he sounds like a douche and should of used the right lane but you could have been more courteous, next time just move over for other bikes.
  11. Freeway rules are pretty bloody simplistic, if being chased by something bigger and faster, move out the way or speed up... It's like the "don't sit on my arse and push me if you don't intend to pass me rule"..

    Agro kills....... just chill and move over..
  12. He was doing the speed limit and was in the left lane.

    No law, social nor moral "rule" obligates him to speed or move over to the left.
  13. me personally not feeling to comfortable on freeways yet would sh!t myself if someone came flying up past me in the same lane, was it so much to ask for the ducati rider to move over 2 lanes ?
  14. If he was not riding a sachs-tard then he would not have copped this treatment I bet! Pretty indicative of the elitist attitude shown by some experienced riders.
  15. You forgot the most important..... "The Rule of Survival"

    I bet the words "I was obeying the rules" could apply to a lot of MIA road users..

    and what's it is it with this "elitist" crap.. don't post if you don't want feedback...
    there you go .. another bloody rule to live by
  16. Just move over and don't be a lane hog, you are riding a massively underpowered bike on a freeway, do the right thing and allow room for your quicker counterparts, it could have been any bike not just a ducati, you attitude is one of the scooter riders who ride their massively underpowered POS on a freeway and do not allow room for quicker bikes.
  17. People - is anyone here really thinking before they write?????

    What do we teach other riders when riding - its the responsibility of the person behind you to get around you.

    The rider is in the left lane, the Ducati rider can change lanes if he/she wants to overtake.

    My lane is my lane. Cars use the lane, why cant bikes.

    Inexperienced riders, stay in your lane (since it is the left lane) and do what you need to do to gfet to your destination safely.

    If a rider comes up behind me and pressures me to change lanes - too bad - go around. If you dont like it, tuff.

    Example: when lane splitting in heavy traffic, I often catch upto other bikes lane splitting. Some move over, others dont. I go around. Why, maybe they did not see me, maybe they were not in a position to move over. Maybe they were not confident enough.

  18. Well said.... =D>

    However, what you will find is most people on NR are not experienced, they like to think they are......:busting: hahahahahaha
  19. Interesting feedback on this.

    I disagree that the "sachstard" (I am going to pretend that the suffix is motard not retard :) ), is underpowered for the highway I was on. The highway is only 80 and the hills that are on it mean that I can do the speed limit and keep up with traffic.

    This is not my only bike, I also have a Buell Ulysses which if I had been riding I suspect (as others have aluded to) that I would not have copped the guesture. I don't ride my big bike to work as I dont want to leave it out in the weather, and find that the Madass is perfect for the roads I need to travel on (if I had to travel a 100km/h road I would buy something else).

    Indeed the Madass is quicker than a lot of bikes (including the Buell and the SV1000 that I had previously) when lane splitting if the traffic is very slow or stopped due to its small size and low weight. If I come up upon a slower bike in this situation should I sit on the horn (as they should move over if they have such an "oversize" and "overweight" bike) or should I simply move over between the second and third line of traffic and lane split there?

    The issue that I was annoyed with above was that he was upset that he thought that I did something wrong when a little planning could have meant that he would have gone around in the far right lane without slowing down.

    I would like to mention that had I been in the right lane I would have moved over. I saw him for a way back and would have been prepared to move over for faster vehicle. The truck is the one that did not do, but should have done this but I copped the abuse. But two bikes shouldn't argue with trucks.

  20. Considering that he did not have the skills to read the traffic enough to decide that this was going to be an issue and change lanes 100m back my concern was that he did not have the skills to make an overtake at that speed with the limited room we had.

    For those that do not live in Sydney the highway (at least at this part) does not have a emergency lane and has a concrete wall about 1m from the left lane marking. Had he clipped me there would be a possibility that I or he could have bounced off the wall and then both of us could end up anywhere (including under the truck). The lack of the emergency lane really limited the space that I could of moved over for him.

    I don't believe my not moving over was discourteous.