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Ducati 998 Pure Termignoni GoPro

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bologna998, Feb 1, 2016.

  1. Hey guys!

    Honestly, is there any better sound on two wheels than that of a Ducati testastretta? With carbon Termignoni pipes and an open dry clutch that thing is in a world of its own. :headphone:

    Therefore, I laid no music over my latest video. The only sound is the roar and babble of the engine and the hiss and rattle of the clutch. To have something for the eyes as well, I used my GoPro from four different angles. Add some sunshine and some South-German vineyards and here you go:

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  2. Gorgeous! Nice weather in Germany for this time of the year.
  3. I've actually recorded the material for this months ago. This is how I spend my winters: dreaming of bike weather while working on videos. ^_^
  4. Fair enough - I was thinking I'd like to go ride the alps, Grossglockner and others this Euro summer, stop in at Misano WDW while there. I envy your backyard!
  5. WDW... I was thinking of that, too. One day I have to go. It's like Mecca, just more religious. :D
  6. It's on this year - 2018 will be the next one. Get yourself down there and take some pics to post
  7. Exhaust sounds great.

    I'm not sold on the dry clutch sound to be honest. It would be a reason I don't buy a bike with one. To me it sounds like something is broken.
  8. That's the fun! Actually, the great thing is it really feels and sounds so mechanical, not as artificial as some newer bikes. It really has character. You can feel that when you're on it, too.

    Don't tempt me, CaffeineMonster, I am trying to keep my travel budget together. I already have a thing or two in mind. :joyful:
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  9. Awesome vid! Love the sound, but not sold on the clutch...

    Was stuck in a cage, but last (Euro) summer I drove the M18/M20 through Bosnia&Herzogevina from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik via Trebinje. Amazing, amazing road. Bucket list is to do it on a bike. Soon. A few bikes around in early July, had had the whole place largely to ourselves.

    Coming back via Mostar was pretty scenic too, but no where near the twisties of the 18/20.

    So end up in Sarajevo somehow, then to Dubrovnik, down to Kotor Montenegro (and up the black mountain) then maybe up the entire coast of Croatia back to Italy, maybe Stelvio...could go all summer!
  10. That sounds good... I need to do some touring myself. The 998 really doesn't work for that, though, I'd need a different bike. Maybe one day... O:)

    But I'll certainly be back on the racetrack this year. Spain calling...
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  11. And here I was thinking all of Northern Italy was a race track if you're on a Ducati. Anyway, shouldn't be long till you have Spring - depending on where you in Euro of course
  12. You can't just go to an Italian race track with a Ducati! You have to practice for years and become a catholic first, otherwise they won't let you in. :D
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