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Ducati 998 GoPro Action Video

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Bologna998, Dec 27, 2014.

  1. Hi everybody! :]

    I just introduced myself in the newbie section with a slideshow a few days ago, and one of you guys asked me to upload some more pictures of my bike.

    Actually, I've done a GoPro video this year that might be even more interesting. Went out on the road in beautiful weather, shot various angles, added some music and edited till I turned :clown:

    Check it out and tell me what you think v ;-)

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  2. The bike sounds, and looks, marvellous! What is that thing spinning?
  3. Welcome to NR Bologna998. Wicked ride!3:) Are you in Germany? Did you use more than one camera in your video to get all those angles?
  4. I think it's the (dry)clutch.
  5. Ahh cool, it looks awesome on the bike.
  6. you took your time editing the video but it paid off! Excellent angles nice ride :woot:
  7. Thanks a lot! :)

    That's indeed the dry clutch spinning there. I'll do a video without music at some point so you can hear it rattling and hissing. That's just signature Ducati: Everytime you ride past people they think your bike is broken, but it isn't. :D

    I actually did all the shots with one camera mounted in different positions. It takes a lot of riding the same route up and down. But why not, I do that all the time anyway. Switching mounts also helps: The positions near the clutch and front wheel are too close to the asphalt for going fast in turns; that shot from the front fairings towards the rider would film the camera on the tank, and so forth.
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  8. Well done man. I look forward to more of your slick videography. :borg:
  9. Well done. Yeah, the first time I heard the rattle of the dry clutch I thought, " good grief, you pay all that extra money to buy a Ducati, to hear that horrible rattle !"
  10. Call me an old fart , I don't care. But for my money the only audio on that video should be the soundtrack coming out of the bike. All the other inserted noise is just shit and needs to be gone.
  11. I'll do a Termignoni-only video at some point for the purists. ;)

    It's a bit tricky with all the wind noise and varying volume levels and distortions depending on the camera angle, but I'll have a go at it anyway.
  12. I've been trying out a very inexpensive Vivitar HD camera on my Duke to film some of my track day exploits. Seem to get a lot of vibration on the pictures. Tried Google-ing some vibration free camera mounts and inspected a few GoPro mounting systems - all seem more or less the same as my small setup or too complicated for what I need.

    Does the GoPro have image stabilisation built in?

    What are you using to edit your compilation?
  13. I have a GoPro Hero 3+ and that one has no stabilisation. But the vibration is rather ok to me (on a 2002 Ducati!). I got the strongest vibes (;)) with the camera mounted on the tank when maintaining the same speed. Interestingly, there is less to no vibration when accelerating. So my advice for vibration-free camera work: go fast. :whistle: Might have to do with the bike, though... I also read over and over again that mounting a Chesty should help against vibration as well. I'm going to test that too, this year.

    But... I have just ordered a Gimbal a few days ago. I'll mainly use it for beauty shots first but maybe I'll figure out some way to mount it on the bike (or me). That should make for some spectacular footage! :joyful:

    For editing I just use Windows Movie Maker. You can get that for free. It doesn't have too many options, but if it's just about cutting your material and maybe adding some music or basic effects, it does the job. :)
  14. Great Video!

    And the 998 is the best bike in the world - my unbias opinion anyway!
  15. Honest questions, no jokes. With an open to air dry clutch like that, what do you do when it rains? Does it self-clean like brake pads and discs do? What do you do to clean it after a wet ride? Is it covered with a piece of perspex?

    [EDIT] Great video, I have to agree with the old man though, would be better without the music. [/EDIT]
  16. Great vid Bologna998Bologna998.

    It more or less dries itself out. You can get some rust on the clutch springs so a lot of people get stainless replacements. A lot of aftermarket covers are only half-vented, with the holes in the back half only, to minimise the water and debris intake. Perspex would just get dusty pretty quickly which would ruin the aesthetic point of the open cover.

    The other thing with dry clutch is that without oil to clean it out, you get a build-up of clutch dust. The open cover lets a lot of that buildup escape.

    If we're joking around, I'd tell you we're not allowed to ride our Ducati's in the rain. Or if there's a non-zero chance of rain. Or if there's any evidence that it's rained in the past week.
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  17. That's not even joking around. :p I've got Metzeler K3 tyres on that bike now, and the mechanic explicitly said to me: Don't ride these in the rain.

    As if I had ever planned to do so in the first place! :happy:

    Indeed, the clutch tends to get dirty, not even from rain but everything else. But cleaning that bike is mandatory on a weekly basis anyway, otherwise you lose ownership points. :D
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  18. Here's a hot tip. I've also got a Euro car and the mag wheels turn black in about a week because of the "soft brakepads" throwing brake dust all over them. I started using Armourall Wheel Protectant which keeps them clean for about a month. One day while cleaning the perspex clutch cover on my Ducati I tried giving it a spray and it also stayed clean and clear for ages. Also works on the clutch pressure plate - just make sue you get it on the pressure plate and not the clutch plates.

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