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Ducati 916 (the loan bike)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bangr, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. For those who dont already now , I put the Buell down again and have had the great pleasure of a friend giving me his 916 to ride while mine is being fixed (dam) .

    I picked it up last wed night in the trailer , while loading it we nearly dropped it (not a great start) . Got it home after many a stop to make sure it was still standing in the inclosed trailer (need to get camera in trailer) .

    I checked tyres , fuel and oil that night , thought maybe I would ride to work the thur.

    Thur AM , started bike in garge , ute alarm went off . geared up and headed off , even before the end of the drive waq=y the Duke reminded me that I am only a man and it will push my man hood back up to my belly every chance it gets . (note to self , need to invent motro bike box).

    Once we are on the road it all feely the same , all the same motions to get the same result , but you do it easier .

    Half way to work (20klm's) I am thinking why am I doing this , my back hurts , my wrist's hurt , my man hood has been beaten to a pulp and i have only been on the bike 30 minutes . But god dam I look good , and I sound good , It must all be worth it .

    After a little while longer and a few more set's of lights I am starting to think it is not me who can not find netraul . I think they left it out of this bike , must ask scumbag if he has a spare at his work.

    On serious note , they are great to ride , the power comes on in a way you can do what you want with the bike and the fact that there is a team of little men building a set of rails for you at every turn makes the thing handel like you would not believe .

    I am a bit of a bike slut and have had the leg over a few bikes in my time , I would call my self a ok rider . This bike I would have to say is the best package I have ever rider , the Buell would kill it for power as would the SP2 and Busa (a few I have had the pleasure on) . There is nothing that I have ever had the leg over that would handlew like this , it is at the same time the most uncomfortable bike I have sat on , but after a while you let that go and just enjoy the ride .

    It is hard with the bike not being mine , I have this huge hesertation ever time I turn it in , so there for would never be able to get the full use out of it . For me it is a little under powered so I will one day look at a 996 or 998.

    Since getting it the ute has been left in the garage most days and even in the rain the bike is out .

    Some of the best fun I have had out of bed and realy looking foward to getting it out of town and on some real twisty roads . MARK - SUNSHINEBOY (just one day of sun please )

    All in all I would have one .

    see you all tonight at the two monday night coffee's
  2. Stack Monkey, welcome to the light side of life! Tips for finding Neutral. Tip 1: You can find it easily whilst rolling to a stop. However, I appreciate you should not be finding Neutral until you are sure no is going to be wanting too close a look at the 916's sexy rear end (ie rear ended by car). Tip 2: probably safest - try finding it from second so nudge it down gently from second rather than trying from first. Should save your left hand some pain and the world needs to hear more clutch rattling! Have fun - its easy to do on a Duke :grin:
  3. Thanks 748 , I have changed it to race pattern to make it easier for me , which I think makes it a tap up from second , but hear what you are saying .
  4. Thank heavens! I had a terrible moment whilst typing that initial message as we run race pattern on all our bikes and yes it would be a gentle nudge up for second. But felt it was safer to assume road pattern!

    I rode a 749 demo bike on Saturday (wanted to see what the Dunlop Qualifier tyres felt like). A) Wasn't really allowed to go fast enough to find out. 8) Was tired and possibly emotional (big Friday night) and C) which way do the gears go again! When I used to ride our bevel it was race pattern on the right side. Life was uncomplicated then and I could go happily from right foot race to left foot road no problem. Now as all our bikes are race pattern its a bit different. Twice when pulling the clutch in I though "oh no, which way???" So carefully blipped the throttle before releasing - just in case! Have ridden the 749 before and found it to be a buzzy little number - nothing has changed.

    Chatted later to another girl - who has the same problem with left foot road to race pattern. She also has bevels and found it no problem to go from right to left. Must be a chick thing.

  5. How do you change a gearbox to race pattern??? By which i assume you mean "1 up, 5 down??"
  6. some people have it easy!!! crash bike and get a loan bike like that!!!!

    at that point in time, i had that line "be my friend!" from the pepsi add pop into my head!
  7. Hi Mr Monkey,

    How did you go riding home in the rain from coffee on Friday.

    That is the sexiest bike going, way too sexy for this mere mortal to ride :LOL: :LOL:
  8. Josh, yes you are correct 1 up five down. My bike has an aftermarket lever which my Husband fitted. He just adapted the existing linkage for his bike. We had a spare linkage and lever anyway. On some other Dukes it is just a matter of flipping the linkage over, but our fairings get in the way. I wouldn't know what to do with non-Dukes.

    Having made the change I find it far far better, much more direct with the shifts and it makes more sense anyway.
  9. Hey Bren sorry to hear that the Buell got tired and emotinal again and had to have a little lie down again
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Hope you are okay

    Just got back from holidays and welcome back to the world of euro gearboxes dont you just love em
  10. Welcome to the world of clutch rattle & deep exhaust notes - good to see you are stepping up in the world Bren
  11. Hi Brucey . I will pop around with it one night soon,

    Mrs scumbag , I am always stepping up in the world .

    Matt , got very wet going home , back tyre made it a hairy ride home.

    josh , race pattern is great if you stick with the same bikes , I run it on my track bike and have since then had the same on the road bike as well , it just works better with the head . most bikes are easy to change over.

    Phanoogy , well some of us just have this hidden talent in them .

    748 girl , I hear what you are saying , have been on other peoples bikes and you just have to stop and think which way you went.
  12. That could have upted your post count by 6 ........... :p :grin:
  13. that it could of , dam 9one more)
  14. I can hear that 916 screaming "need to go 100 + kmph" from here... :LOL:
  15. 100 try the rest , it just wants to keep going , great fun once you get it up and going.
  16. Does he know you're called Stack Munkey on the internet?
  17. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    Prolly not!!
  18. If your Buell is the XB12R then the Duc should have close to as much grunt, if not more. They really need after market exhaust and ECU.
    I've had a couple of straight line speed runs (on closed roads of course...) with a 916s with arrow race system and ECU. Neck and neck for the most part and my bike with current mods should be capable of around 110hp, ~10 up on the Buell.
    When it comes to the corners though, the Duc just walks away from the Firestorm.
    As far as the riding position, I quite like it. Not that much different from the Firestorm, just a harder seat. The Buell on the other hand I didn't like. Was sitting so upright I thought I was riding a dirt bike. But as they say horses for courses...
  19. That's a nice mate, giving you such a classic bike as a loaner :)
  20. Either that guy's the best mate you'll ever have, or you know where he's buried the bodies... :LOL:

    The race pattern gearshift thing's always puzzled me. Does it really make that much difference?

    I think I'd prefer the typical street arrangement - pull up to change up, push down to change down. I suppose once you're used to either arrangement it's going to feel natural. But I don't understand why race pattern would give you any sort of practical advantage.