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Ducati 900ss

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Ducati900ss, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Hello all
    Just thought I would post some thought about the 900ss (95')I have just bought. I also have a yzf1000r (under-rated bike for sure) and I was surprised just how well the duke goes. You would think that going from a 130ish HP bike to a 75ish HP bike that it would feel gutless. Not so. It has great get up and gop, and easily out handles the 1000 of course. I have to mention the noise (naturally) , got to be one of the best ducati features (clutch, exhaust, and desmo), but to me the duke's have it all. This is my 2nd duke amist cbr600's, yzf750's etc. I figured to keep the yamaha to satisfy my power urge, but now I dont know.

  2. Keep it...keep it...keep it.

    I once had the 1000R, but alas, sold the blighter. It was still one of the best all-round bikes I have had. Of course, I now have a black Speed Triple to keep me company...
  3. Youre building up a nice stable of beasties there Matt!
  4. Keep the Yamaha for those days the Fukati won't start.. :grin:
  5. I wish they were all still in my stable, but at the moment I have 'only' have the 1000 and the 900. Allways room for more though eh ?!
    Interesting reading all the stuff on 250 2-strokes and stuff, I must have had 3 of them (rg250,nsr250,kr1)and a cagiva mito for 6 years. Could probally give some advice there if anyone wants any.
    Bikes I have owned in the last 13 years:
    Rg250 1983
    Cagiva Mito 1993 Lawson Rep
    Kr1250 89
    Nsr250 91
    gpz900r 83
    cbr600 92
    xt600 83
    ducati 600 monster 99
    yzf1000r 97
    Ducati 900ss 95
    Whats next?

    Cheers Matt
  6. I reckon a Z1300 , Hailwood Replica, Honda CX500 turbo and the 1st GSXR 750! now theres some classics. Not necessarily all good ones, but classics nonetheless. :wink: