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Ducati 900SS 1995, what is this?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by TermiMonster, Apr 29, 2014.

  1. Hello All,
    I was doing an oil change on the '95 900SS and I found this fragment in the waste (see pic).
    I thought it might be off a selector spring and ordered a replacement, but when it arrived, they obviously don't match.
    Anyone got any ideas what it's off?
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  2. It looks expencive.
  3. Couldn't even hazard a guess, I'm afraid, but it LOOKS like half of something and I'm sure it's not meant to be there......
  4. lock wire off something?

    Some shit that was dropped in the engine from the factory, or during a service?

    End of a tension spring? How soft is it? How's the gear change?
  5. Its the device that holds the milk frother in the cappucino machine.......:wtf::wtf::wtf::wtf:

    Doesn't look like a spring end but some sort of retaining device due to it having straight sides but would suspect that its more likely a foreign body that got in via the original build or a service rather than an internal component.

    Cheers Spocky
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  6. Hmmm..
    Gear change is fine.
    Seems to be running ok.
    Got me beat....but worried.
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  7. I'm leaning towards these ^.

    Both could probably operate for a while without a problem but eventually create a significant problem.

    Squeeze the loop with a pair of pliers. If it yields easily its probably not a spring, otherwise, get it checked out.

    The valve lash springs can be fairly easily checked, but could cause engine damage if a valve seizes. So start here.

    The fork return spring is more of a biatch to get to, but is unlikely cause engine damage, just get you stranded.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, gents.
    I'll let you know how it works out.
    Here is another pic with a selector spring for reference.
    the unknown part is a bout 1mm in diameter, compared to 3ish mm for the s. spring. spring 002. spring 005.

  9. Looks like the nails they use on the packing crates that hold the bikes in transit from factory to the dealer
  10. Are u positive it wasn't sitting in your drip pan b4 u dropped the oil? Is the drain hole big enough for that piece to go through ?
  11. I'm 99% certain it came out of the bike.
    The drain hole is definately big enough for this to fit through.
    The bike is nearly 20 years old. Unlikely that it would be left over from initial transit after all this time.
    I'm starting to think valves. iblast might be in the right area.
    I just don't want to open it up, with no idea of where to look, if I can help it.
  12. How would that get from the head to the sump ?
  13. Looks expensive...
  14. Give the man the prize, oil drain galleries aren't big enough for that to get from head to sump
  15. hmmm, on a chain cam bike there is plenty of room. on a belt duck, I would need to look closer.
  16. It might also have been poured in with an oil change.
  17. couldn't find many images. this one suggests" maybe but unlikely"

    I'd still like to know if it yields
  18. fcuk me mate, where have you been?
  19. About.

    Aren't specifics OK..?