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Ducati 848EVO Corse Edition

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by GregMega, Apr 28, 2012.

  1. Had it a few weeks now, picked it up 5/4/12, photo's were taken the evening I picked it up so have removed the sandwich plate from the rear fender to clean it up a little.

    Plans for it are rear hugger, exhaust and DP pre-load adjusters and that's about it! Just ride it. I'm honestly shocked I've had it almost 4 weeks now and I haven't done anything to it apart from a Techmount to mount my GoPro.

    Quickshifter is fun, DTC is a bit meh, handy in the wet with those tyres though.


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  2. seriously smooth looking bike.
  3. I saw one of these outside work yesterday - pretty sure the rider saw me rooted to the spot with my jaw hanging open, and he nodded at me on the footpath!
    Beautiful, beautiful machine...
  4. Yep, that's pretty tasty!
  5. **** that's hot!
  6. SSSSSSSSSSSSeriously gorgeous!
  7. whats that biatch worth?
  8. Umm, I'm a fair few dollars into it. They're RRP 1500 more than a stock 848EVO so 21,500rrp.

    Issue at the moment is im sitting in sydney airport on my way to perth so no riding this weekend!!!!

    Regardless of cost though I'm happy with it!
  9. Several kinds of hotness goin on there, nice choice.
  10. That's a damn nice bike...Congrats and enjoy...
  11. so the cost of a decent XL1200 sportster....
    bet that makes the price look better
  12. Seriously sexy bike there. Congrats for sure.

    I would love a quick shifter. Even just for the sound they make popping through the gears.

    When is the exhaust planned to go on?
  13. Two words.
    So jealous.
  14. Awesome looking machine. Yum.
  15. Pass the tissues please.
  16. Since the gp isn't working out that great for Ducati I will volunteer to take that off your hands of you want...


  17. thats 3
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  18. Always liked Audi
  19. It's on order now but apparently not too many of the 848EVO Corse's have made it to Australia and it runs a different ECU because of the DTC than regular evo's so hopefully shouldn't be far away but then again I ordered this bike in Jan and didn't get it till April...