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Ducati 848 vs Suzuki GSX-R750 vs Triumph 675 vs Honda CBR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mr.Ed, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. #1 Mr.Ed, Jan 19, 2008
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    Ok, so the title is a bit misleading I know... But that's the original title on the article!! :p


    And since I feel a bit guilty for luring you guys here like that...
    Have some candy!!


    Now don't have it all at once! :LOL:


    Ps: I almost feel like starting a poll to see who actually believes that the Daytona is only 675! :shock:
  2. Ahhh.

    All these bikes are on my potential next bike list. 12 months seems long long......
  3. I'd say that the 750 won, mostly 'cos it has a 20% power advantage over every other bike in the test. Not that it'd win by a huge margin or anything, but on the longer straight bits of that track that'd help it claw back the time lost in the corners.

    Unless clearance is an issue, mid-corner speed should not vary by more than about 3% between the four bikes, because corner speed is pretty much a function of lean angle and tyre traction. If it differs by more than that, then the rider is doing something vastly different from bike to bike.

    Speaking of bike to bike, this is also something that the rider needs to adapt to. The triples and twins hook up beautifully on the corner exit, allowing you to almost go WOT at lean angles that would result in a lurid powerslide on an inline-4. This is where the triples and twins get the bulk of their advantage, but if the rider is playing it safe and throttling on later because he's riding in I4 safety-mode, then he'll be missing out on corner exit drive.

    It's this mid-corner-to-exit traction that allows a bike like a 675 to punch well above its capacity. By the time the power starts to run out you're typically into the next corner anyway. The same goes for the 848, but even more so. Riding a twin very quickly is fairly different to riding an I4 quickly.

    The results will be interesting to see nonetheless.
  4. I just wish they had the R6 '08 on it too. I've only heard good things about that bike so far... Still doesn't make my wish list though!
  5. Have ridden three out of the four and I reckon it would be a really close thing.

    But for all out speed the Gixxer would have to win.
  6. Found out the results of this test, and they were posted in this thread here.

    To quote someone's (admittedly a 675 owner) summary of the article:

  7. i'd be happy to own any or if i was rich all of those bikes

    ive owned/played with the 07 600rr for a year and loved it, now giving the 848 a go, not use to the power delivery of the twin yet but boy do i miss the smoothness of the honda its just so easy to ride vs the Vibes of the 848 lol.

    if i can find a cheap 675 of gixxer 750 i'd love one for track duties.