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Ducati 848 Road Test

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by [FLUX], Dec 31, 2007.

  1. Sweet bike, but at roughly only 10% less $$ than a 1098, why would you bother getting the little brother?
  2. triway, id prefer the little brother. the 1098 is a monster machine in power. way more than what i need, and it would depend on budget too, that price difference would be the difference between being able to own a duke, and not being able to own one. for someone that doesnt need the biggest and best i think this bike is great. i'd go buy one tomorrow if i had the cash, but i wouldnt rush out and and buy a 1098. i think you'd also find that with a bit of negotiation, you'd probably be able to make the price difference a bit better.
  3. hahahahahahaha!!!! :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Negotiate?! Ducati dealer?! 848??

    I think not.
  4. I saw a white one on the road the other day, DID look vera narce :)
  5. I would love to see a direct comparo with the 851. 20 years progress in such similar bikes would be very interesting.
  6. they just look......boring.
  7. It would be very embarrasing for the old 851, not to much in common any more, different clutch, engine ,suspension ,30 more horse's etc.
    20 something kilos lighter :shock:
    And the 851 brakes suck :oops:

    Allthough they do look similar :p

  8. Old Pacific Highway, heading south, right?????

  9. Busted :eek:
  10. I was travelling that road when there was no Freeway, there's not too many stretches of river close to the road like that :wink:.
  11. okay okay, point taken lol.

    sure it looks like a baby 1098, but hey, the CBR's. GSXR's and the like have been doing that for years, its not a new idea. this thing has the looks IMO, the go would not be an issue, the sound, and although not cheap, its cheaper than a 1098. it'd do what i want in a bike and more. i wonder if the dealers throw in an espresso machine too?? hmmmm.

    its another in that long list of "each to his own" i think.
  12. For those of us who want a "race replica" of Casey's championship winning bike, apart from the Desmosedici RR, the 848 could be argued to be more of a "true" replica in the sense that it's closer to the current 800cc capacity of the MotoGP class.

    But then again, that's probably like saying a Shetland Pony is a "replica" of last year's Melbourne Cup winner!


  13. Well, aside from the 848 having just 2-cylinders, while Casey's bike has 4...
  14. Managed to get on one the other day for a very short ride. I agree with the sentiment of why buy this machine when you can get the 1098 for only 10% more. It's a nice ride, but purely track focussed as you need to give it some stick to make it fun and I would hate to have to commute on it.
  15. They look soooooooooooooo hot in white, but if you're forking out 20 odd gorillas for a bike a few extra for its bigger brother is surely very enticing..
  16. be interesting to hear what matt as to say, as he has just bought one as his upgrade from a 250.
  17. Yeah - 'cos coming from a 250 to an 848 is a pretty minor step up. I'd be surprised if he didn't use every superlative in the book given what he's coming from.
  18. wtf....man are you serious....they look anything but that
  19. i saw matt the other day, he let me have a sit(not a ride - i didnt even ask) im 5"10' and could just flat foot with both feet. bike felt very narrow, and that seat is like sitting on a bit of plywood!! i only sat on it for a couple minutes so i cant really comment on anything much else except to say he's as happy as a pig in slop with it.