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Ducati 848 Evo or Triumph Daytona 675r?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Bretto, May 7, 2011.

  1. I am stuck so hard on these to bikes. Both have so many Pro's & Con's. Absolutley love the look of both bikes. Triumph for its sleek agile look, ducati for its agressive brutal look especialy in black. Triumph has that glorious sounding tripple, but ducati has that deep lumpy twin sound. Ducati is more expensive but has better brakes and suspension. I could go on forever. Help, which would you choose and why?

  2. Ask yourself how expensive are these to things to service and repair. Then take them for a test ride and your question should be answered.
  3. Do you ride hard enough to find the limits of the better suspension and brakes ???
    Hard to go "buy" the Triumph. And I am a Ducati fan.
  4. Can't recommend the Daytona highly enough, and I've got a non-R. Never ridden the 848, so can't compare, but I definitely see your dilemma.

    Both are relatively "boutique" or "exotic" compared to the Jap I4s, so you do have to factor in extra time/money for upkeep, but since you're comparing the two to each other and not to a CBR/R/ZX/GSXR that's not a point of difference.

    Best thing you can do is ride both, and that'll give you your answer.
  5. ducati has better brakes and suspension does it ithought the brembos and ohlins on the r are soposed to be ok
  6. Ducatis are red....
  7. To make things even tougher, both bikes look best in white with red frames!
  8. I actually test rode an 848 today as I am interested in one. I currently ride an 09 GSX-r750.
    The power delivery and torque on the 848 is absolutely incredible and the brembos pull the bike up like no other brakes that I have had before.
    The things that I am not too impressed by but can be changed via mods are: The mirrors are pretty shite as you see only the reflection of your elbows (can be altered by adding risers to the mirror brackets), stock rearsets are incredibkly low and offer hardly any adjustment. I am 6ft and I was gripping the bottom section of the tank with my knees.....just (just buy some good rearsets with heaps of adjustment), when you go full left and right turn, one hand get caught between the tank and the other stuck in the upper cowling. So when you are doing a u-turn, don't freak out!!
    Suspension setup is quite hard and the seat is very thin.

    I have ridden a few Daytonas but not the R model. Exceptional bikes to ride but I liked the feel of the gixxer more in the end so that's why I bought it.

    Duc's aren't that much more expensive to service than jap bikes and I'm sure you will get people telling you otherwise so don't take my word as gospel. I have a mate that works on them so that's how I know.

    At the end of that day, I have owned quite a few different bikes and have always liked Ducati's so if I can crunch the numbers and it all works out then I'll go ahead and buy one. If they don't then I'll just stick with my current bike.
    I love the look of both bikes but find everything about the Ducati just that more impressive and stunning.
  9. Ah the decisions. Why waste valuable time trying to decide, just buy both.
  10. QV has picked some good points. Ducati's make no excuses. Crunched thumbs and useless mirrors are just part of the package. Their seats is just plain farked on the road. But give you every bit of feel on the track. Form over function.
    Riding any distance over 100k's and you will wish you got the Triumph. You would probably be faster on the Triumph.
    Ducati's make you ride them. They don't turn on a dime. You really do have to ride them well to ride them fast. But when you do, they really are one great piece of engineering art. So stable and confidence inspiring. And wind one out in any gear and just shut it down....and cream every ones pants. There is no better sound than the cam override on a Duc.
    My first road bike was a Ducati 250 in 77. Been through the 400's, 500 Pantahs, 900 SS's, Darmah's up to my 998. Which I don't ride on the road, and would not have as my only bike or only form of transport.
    They shit me to tears a lot of the time. No other bike give the shear all over pleasure of one. or shit you to tears as much as one can. I guess that's why they seem to have such a personality.
    I have a 07 Viffer which does it all pretty well. But at least once a week I think I am going to sell it and buy an 02 ST4's again for the road. God I miss that bike. And funny it did nothing really well. Ha ha stay away from Ducati's... they are a bad addictive drug.
    Good luck with your choice. Both are great machines.
  11. I forgot to mention that you probably get around 150klms to a tank so you have to fuel up accordingly if you are going on a "long" ride :)
    Hmmm, my RVF and cibby 250 had a better range................dang.
  12. Well my last sercive on my rvf was $1000. Its not about the money for me. Sure it might hurt for a $1k service haha but its about the feeling and the relaxation of being able to go ride with my mates down GOR every second weekend or so. Nothing id ratherdo that go for a ride.
  13. I have found the limits on my bike. Just recently upgraded tyres to dual compound's but the suspension is just nowhere near stiff enough and would have to replace the whole rear suspension to get what I want and I might aswell get a newer bike. Im of restrictions soon.
  14. Its hard to argue with that point their... Youve got me stumped..
  15. That's why you should buy both. The second Saturday of the month you can take the Trump and the 4th Saturday you can take the Duc.
  16. Haha thank's for the head's up about the hand getting stuck on u-turns.

    My last service on my bike was a major one but still $1k is alot for any service but I dont mind to much about the money side. Sure its hard to scrape together the cash sometimes but it is always worth it.

    I am very tempted just from youtube to go the Ducati. I feel the Triumph just looks to thin from the front. The ducati has such an agressive style I just love.

    Dont get me wrong I love the sound of the triumph but I feel I would get used to it after awhile, but the ducati ive always loved lumpy sounding bikes and what better than a 2cyl?
  17. Yeah the duc uses about 10l/100 haha. But I usualy stop on my bike at around 150 atm anyway so not to much of a big deal. It also gives you a chance to be a cock and let everyone see who own's such a sexy beast haha. Love the duc with the full Termingoni exhaust!!
  18. Neither, just wait a little while for the new MV agusta 675 F3!

    Sex on wheels...............
  19. True and my mechanic is an austhorised MV Augusta mechanic. But if I was going for that I rekon id wanna go for the F4..
  20. well i own an 848 , if you behave you can manage 170 - 190 before fuel light overall you probly get 250km per tank. On an average run thru the hills, i get light on at 150 , and usually fill up at 200 to be safe. On the track how ever you need a jerry can / fuel truck it does like the juice.

    The twin has a great power delivery, throw in a set of termis and it sounds nice. The new ducatis are pretty good cost wise service, cheaper then older models.

    The triple, is more comfier, probly cheaper to insure, cheaper purchase price.

    The duke just gave me a bigger smile. I was unsure of red or black , but seeing it in the flesh, made it a no brainer, i went the dark. Once set up the suspension, it got better then rock hard factory settings.

    IF you were looking at the 848, i would hold off till the next duke model is released in a few months, This should drop the 2nd hand price a bit.

    Best advise is to take both for a ride.