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Ducati 800 SS

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by thommo1977, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Has anybody heard much about the 800SS. Whats it like? etc

    Thanks :p

  2. I rode a 750M once and was suprised how unispiring it was.

    it doesn't neccessary mean the 800ss is the same, but I'm just saying I'm skeptical of mid-sized ducatis now.
  3. I have the 900SS and have heard that the 800 and 600 both are a disappointment. I love mine and also cross that I didn't wait 6 months for the 1000DSSS, but the other 2 are not held as highly.

    I would look at the higher CC SS if you are wanting that type of bike.
  4. One word. Gutless.
    I wouldn't bother with an air cooled vtwin unless I was pushing 50 and looking for a cruiser.
  5. I'm not sure what air cooling has to do with it.

    In this case I think it's the 2-valve motor with further limitations based on the fact that it started life as a 500
  6. Liquid cooling enables a motor to run higher compression and higher RPMs. Thereby creating more power.
    The 2 Valve setup would also be a culprit.
  7. If you are talking about drag engines or bikes that only sit in the traffic all day then liquid cooling is a benefit.

    For all round riding, then air cooling is fine. In fact in a twin, where the revs are pretty low anyway liquid cooling would have no benefits in providing more revs.

    Liquid cooling has been adopted by bike manufacturers because they run quieter. Also, remember the Japanese ride their bikes around the city all the time. Anything more then that is just marketing hype.

    Give me an air cooled bike any day. You can take your complicated and heavy cooling system and stick it on a car where it belongs.
  8. Absolute cod shit.
    I suggest you watch 'Birth of the Vrod' or similar documentaries. Without liquid cooling, high performance vtwins die very quick deaths.
    And the Vrod is mild tune compaired to a superbike!
    If water cooling didn't have any effect other than to quieten the bike then why aren't race teams pulling their radiators off to save weight?
  9. Taking the radiator of a water cooled bike, doesn't make it an air cooled bike. Air cooled bikes have cooling fins

    As to GP bikes, then they run water cooled, because they ARE high load engines, unlike your street bike.

    As the the exteneded Hardley commercial, what else would they say?

    They stuck it out with air cooled bikes forever and a day and everytime someone with a noise meter and a bit of authority looked at them, they had to de-tune their bikes.

    So they made the v-rod. It's actually a really good example of a water cooled engine, just to quell noise.
  10. Water cooling (and subsequently more stable operating temperatures) enable tighter tolerances to be built into the engine, essential when big power and/or revs are asked of it, especially when it comes to engine longevity.

    So yes, engines with a high specific output (power per litre) have increased engine life if water-cooled. Period.
  11. Agreed. But my arguement is that, that is not anwhere this side of 11,000 rpm.

    Beside water cooling on bikes is pretty ineffective in providing a small operating temperature range. In cars, because you can run big cooling jackets and large radiators, then you get good buffering.

    On bikes, because you want the engine compact and radiators can't be big, then the buffering of the water cooling is less. The result is you still need more up your sleeve in terms of tollerances compared to car engines.
  12. I haven't seem or heard of many of the 800SSs. May be one and he sold it to buy a 749. I've probably seen more of the 900 or 1000SSs in my travels.
    The ergonomics don't suit me. I prefer the 749 or 999 ride position.
  13. If you want something with similar power to your current steed and a good all round package to boot. Look at something like the CBR1100XX. Way more grunt and less weight than the Duc's and dare I say it, better build quality.