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Ducati 749s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by newbikerider, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Hiya,

    Currently riding a CBR600f4i and looking to move into a newer (second hand) bike. Had my eye on a Ducati 749s, but all the reports say Triumph is the way go or GSXR 750 if I want a more track orientated bike.

    Like the idea of a sticking to a sports bike, but unsure of what brand and after only one year of riding if I should be thinking of jumping up to litre bike??

    Most of my riding is Sunday stuff, but get about 4 or 5 track days in next year

    Thoughts / views please???
  2. If you have the money to purchase a 749 and keeping it running then go for it.

    Part of the reason why I've parted with Italian bikes were the unreasonable service cost and the ridicolous wait time for parts. I used to own two Aprilias (RS250 & RSV-R) and let's just say I have a heart attack every time I had it in for service. They are sweet bikes though.

    I have an R1 now and although I still miss the sound & feel of the Vtwin - I've been happy with it ever since :D Although my taste remains Italian.. if only lol...
  3. I think after comin of an inline 4 you will be disapointed with the power of a ducacti 749.
  4. Gixxer 750 wins every comparo.
  5. Guy who works next door to me has a Duc 749. He says it's a bit temperamental but it sounds absolutely amazing when he starts it up.
    Parks it right next to the conference room too. Very embarrassing when he fires it up during a meeting and i stop mid sentence to stare out the window and drool :)
  6. I think you really need to love Ducati's to own one. They are not like Jap bikes, they are a totally different feel. I rode my mate's GSXR-1000 2006 model on Friday night and I noticed it was very smooth and started without a problem. I sometimes have trouble starting my Ducati, I need to keep the revs up or she'll die, etc. But this is because she's had exhaust mods and hasn't been dyno tuned yet. Once I get it Dyno tuned I think a lot of those problems will go away.

    Like I said, you really have to love Ducati's to own one. Take one for a test ride first and see what you think. If you're going to buy one, 1. Try to buy a newer model (they ironed out a few problems in the later models) and 2. If it has after market exhaust or other mods that affect the fuel/air mixture, make sure it has a Power Commander and it's been Dyno tuned.