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Ducati 749

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Honda Phantom, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. Does anyone on the forums own a Ducati 749? Im looking at buying one but not use what they are like. They look bloody hot, but without having a dealership the deals with Ducati (749) anywhere near me, its hard to know.

    Any thoughts???
  2. Try Moto One in Oakleigh.

    Princes Highway near Warrigal road.
  3. There a great bike. Not quite as good looking as a 748, but outstanding as far as design and handling go. There is a good Ducati forum based in the USA which is also very helpful.
  4. Currently im in North East Victoria.
  5. There's a Ducati dealership here in Albury.
  6. Cheers bangalla. Someone just told me that Online is the ducati dealership. Im living across the border in mexico (the dong). Might have to catch for a ride one day when i get my new bike.
  7. Yep I have one, Yellow 749 , most people absolutely love or hate the look of the xx9 series.
    Personally I love it , its a very modern look.
    I have two other friends with 749 / 999 and none of us have ever had any problems with them.
    I never race mine, use it occasionally for commuting, easy bike to ride, lots of torque , well mannered bike.
    If you're ever down Melb way let me know, more than happy to show off my Duke. :grin:
  8. whats the damage like with regards to maintenence SAME?
  9. Hi Blackjack, basic service costs me around 300, Majors around 1000 .

    Some people balk at the figures but its money well spent I feel.

    Havent experienced any of the electrical gremlins that some of the older Duke seem to experience.

    Have been tossing up the idea of getting onto the 848 when it gets released but really cant get over the shape of xx9 series.
  10. that is actually not too bad with costing around the same i guess to get a european car services.

    Looks like i may be getting a 1098s next year hehe
  11. Mmmmm 749

    i would love to get my hands on a 749 dark, or a yellow 749 or as a matter of fact, any 749

    i reckon they are the shit, they are fantastic, i test rode one of them before i got my daytona.
    only reason why i didnt get one was the cost :(


    oh well :D
  12. I sold 2 in a week :grin:

    I had to deliver one to it's new lady owner in Geelong.

    So I rode it there :)

    It is a small bike, too small for me. My shoulder surely felt it.

    Would I buy one.................nope, underpowered for my liking.