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ducati 748s/749

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by HUBBA, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. hi all, interested in buying a ducati 2002 model either 748s 0r 749, what the difference in spec etc. cant find a website to help. and why would the 748 be be more expensive than the 749. please help.
    other alternative is just to buy a triumph 675 but not the same

  2. Yeah. Not the same.

  3. Because a 748 was the sexiest bike of it’s time…
    And the 749… WAS NOT!

  4. I actually like the 749/999... they are not classically beautiful to look at but they still look pretty good
  5. HUBBA, the S is a higher spec model, and sits between the 748 and 748R. Whether it is a better bike than the standard 749 is pretty well down to personal preference.
  6. Two totally different bikes. The 749 Testastretta is the narrow head motor, totally different frame, heavier motorcycle, from the older 916 shaped 748. However the 749 was touted with more RW horsepower.
  7. Or they lied about the 916/748 weight. Something they had been doing since the 851.
  8. yeah as has been said.

    748 is probably the sexiest bike of all time. its exactly the same body as the 916 and oh my shit that thing is unbelievable.

    749 on the other hand is probably the better bike. its not as good looking in most peoples eyes but because of that its cheaper for what it is. Newer too which means more reliable.

    I recon a black 749 and your in business! haha
  9. The Ducati forums have more information about the differences. The 749 is a much better bike mechanically but if you want that from a bike buy Japanese. Ducati is about lust and well the 748 is a supermodel and the 749 is just a girl next door.

    Personally I would go the 748 out of the two as they are going to be classic motorcycles one day (if they aren't already) the 748 was said to be actually better than the 916 in most situations. Given that the 916 is the second best motorcycle ever (behind the Cub of course) and launched the design of bikes to come and probably saved ducati, the 748 will be looked on favourably by anyone that knows bikes. The 749 will be forgotten as the mutistrada as a bike designed on a friday afternoon.

    Having said that I don't know if it would be my only bike.