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Ducati 659 Monster - Potential exhaust modifications

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by spencer111, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Met a few of you by now, and some I have yet to meet.

    I'll get straight into it, I have a new 2011 Ducati Monster 659cc. Has duel rear pipes that already put out a beautiful noise. But as most engineheads can sympathise with; I quite simply want more; more noise; more power.


    1. Purchasing Akropovic / Termignoni (two brothers etc.) custom pipes somewhere down the line, probably titanium or carbon for at least $1000-2000 buckarooneys, depending on whether I get new ECU, better air filter etc. So naturally this would be the ideal option. Do any of you have opinions in regard to purcashing? best option? Titanium v. Carbon? The brand that produces the best noise? I've had a look at Akro's on another monster, titanium, and they sounded incredibly beastly! with the db killer's out of course.

    2. I am not aware if Ducati Monster pipes have already been cored? I am new to this word, would someone care to explain the process or coring an exhaust pipe? is it limited to just the pipe? I imagine it involves a certain type of milling within the pipe. So naturally a short term and perhaps cheaper option would be coring the pipes.

    3. Finally, what impact do either of these options have upon insurance? If any of you know I'd love any information whatsoever.

    If there are any other options I'd love to hear them. I am no expert whatsoever when it comes to motorcycles, however I am keen to learn! so feel free to correct me if anything I have said is a bit retarded.


    Spence :)
    many people fall into this trap as its the "cheap option", and find out the hard way. almost every after-market pipe fails EPA. (as well as being illegal, im yet to see one stamped with a decibel rating, a law that seems to be ignored if there not too loud so dont worry) so the stock pipe is needed for when you eventually have to pass testing. and its great for re-sale. STOCK EXHAUSTS COST MORE THEN AFTER-MARKET so it is a very costly problem if you need to put it back to stock.

    carbon vs metal.... apparently carbon has a better tone, but they wear. so will need replacing in a few years.
    most noticeable difference is cosmetic, personally i prefer the classic look of metal mufflers.

    insurance wise. not a factor if you tell them upfront, as they will insure the pipes as an accessory. just make sure they know.... otherwise they may refuse to pay out.
  3. how do you know all this mate?!

    cheers for the info. as i said the bike makes a beautiful noise as is; and i wasn't planning on getting new exhausts until I at least got my P's and thus didn't have to encounter vicroads again for a while. But knowing all of this I may well steer clear of aftermarket pipes for a while...

    And yeah, akropovic titanium sounds (and looks) incredibly aggressive and awesome; raspy metallicy kind of rumble / bark. If i was to get anything it would probably be them :)
  4. i work for a bike store as an apprentice parts interpreter,
    we get at least 2 guys a week who come in to order a new stock exhaust system as their pipes failed epa. and its increasing as they are cracking down on it. not to mention the new roadworthy rules (pics of bikes) and repairing write-offs (had to be all original)

    as for the plate/sticker look on or around your stock pipes they will have one on it, where it states the factory pipes meet the legal requirements.
  5. two words really come to mind in regard to all of this:

    Nanny State.

    enough said.
  6. Staintune will put a sticker/plate on their mufflers stating db reading & what bike it was tested for. They are also ADR compliant. The thing to keep in mind is that apparently ANY modification to a LAMS bike will render it non-compliant. (I think this was covered in another thread also)

  7. Do not mess with your stock pipes. cant say that enough, invest in some quality termi pipes i assume that ducati sells some for the 659.
  8. okay thanks guys. I got my bike it's first service at Metro Ducati in Ringwood, and one of the guys there seemed to think that Termignoni pipes were not compatible with the ECU on the 659, which as he went on to explain is different to the 696, 796 and 1100. Don't know if there is any truth to this statement, I am doubtful of it, but my knowledge on bikes is limited.

    I can only hope I can indeed smack some termi's onto it at some point in the future; would sound and perform even more awesomely with the full on kit.
  9. One of the guys on the forum here works at Metro (spares/access) & is very knowledgable on Ducatis. If the comments were from him I personally wouldn't be doubting what you have been told.

  10. Metro Ducati in Ringwood is now closed!

    Rode past it on Saturday the 2nd of March 2013, windows are all blacked out!

    Bye Bye Metro...
  11. This.

    A LAMS bike cannot have the stock power increased otherwise it will render it non LAMS, for which you won't be licenced, insured etc etc. If you do it be mindful that if you get pulled, it's gong to be ugly.
  12. Someone went on a thread mine ...