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ducati 650 lite vs honda vtr 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by josh909, Feb 7, 2005.

  1. hey all,

    i'm new to these forums so be gentle ;)

    i am looking at buying a new bike and have come down to 2 possibilites - the ducati 650 ie lite and the honda vtr 250.

    the 2005 ducati will set me back approx $13,000 (on road) where as the honda will come in at about $9,500. i'm interested in any feedback that people can offer on these two bikes. both bikes feel good for my height/build and weight so that really isn't an issue.

    oh, and before anyone asks, it needs to be learner legal hence why i have arrived at these 2 choices.

    thanks in advance.
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  3. Please excuse me if I'm a little confused but as far as I know Ducati don't make a 250. 650cc is illegal for a learner to ride so the only choice you have is the VTR or something like the ZZR250 or 250 Across.

    By all accounts the VTR is a suburb bike for a learner to ride and even some experienced riders ;-)
  4. Unless our friend here lives in either the ACT or NSW. Another option and one which is much cheaper would be a Hyosung 650L naked. Looks a lot like a SV650 and is around $8500-9000. The added benefit is that once off restictions you can remove the carby restrictors and have a full-power bike for little extra cost. Better than having to shell out thousands of dollars on a new bike.
  5. An acronym to explain the 650cc as a learner choice - LAMS. With a restricter mod the 650cc Ducati is learner legal in NSW

    :D :D :D

    Damn, Deyago beat me to it
  6. Isn't LAM applicable in NSW?
  7. So you only have your L's?

    What state are you in? VIC doesn't allow any more than 260cc. NSW does.

    A new VTR, onroad, is approx $8,800. (quote from Peter Stevens, Melbourne)

    Check out these threads:


    And yeah, I'm a bit biased towards to VTR250. Can't go wrong....
  8. sorry, should have clarified that. yes i am in NSW and the ducati 650 ie lite is learner legal.

    keep the comments coming :)
  9. Josh,

    I'd be looking at the Hyosung too. It's got the suzuki sv650 engine and you can get the carby upgrade fro free if you ask, at the end of your p's.

    Your paying for too much wank value with the duck and you can't go very far on the vtr (yes yes I know its a good bike, but realistically it's only a 250)

    Put the money you save over the duck towards good riding gear and some luggage and a good resturant for the girfriend.
  10. I would go the VT250 even though I like the Monster 600.
    Reason, the Monster might be more fun, give you grewter scope when you're off your L's and with a few bucks get that restriction fixed = more power, the Monster may give you that unquie Ducati experience when it comes to servicing etc. That’s great if you love tooling around & some guys live for it, but if you’re just getting into bikes & need something bombproof, then go Japanise. At least first off.
    The SV650-seque (HYosumg) is a great move too.

    (can you put SV650 stickers on a GSXR600??)
  11. Josh,

    I was once faced with a similar choice and decided on the Ducati. It has served me well for six years, 75,000km and has been an absolute blast.
    It may be prudent to visit the service department and ask for approximate figures for 5, 10 and 20,000km servicing costs for both machines before you buy.

    Bring the noise.

  12. prob way too late in this thread.

    But after you get your unrestricted license, you can get the throttle restrictor removed on the duke to make it a full 620.

    Doesn't even invalidate your warranty if you do it at a ducati workshop.
  13. That is right. Once you can ride with an unrestricted licence, get the Ducati dealership to remove the throttle restricter, throw on a set of pipes and you have instantly gained more power/hp. Might save you $$$ in the long run. I rode the Monster 620sie for two years and it was reliable and the maintenance costs minimal.

  14. seeing someone dragged this up i suppose i should keep you updated...

    ended up buying a second hand black VTR250 - 5000kms on the clock for just under $6K.

    keep an eye out for me in the newtown area!
  15. From everything ive read the Hyosung kicks the Ducati to bits, especially seeing its 4 gorillas cheaper. Its got an SV650 motor which has more punch that the ducati in both LAMS config and ful power config. Its a little down on suspension and brakes, but with the cash saved you could easily get that fixed.

    If it still remain ducati vs VTR, go the ducati. If its anything like the hyosung then at the end of your resticted period you can get the bike converted to full power rather cheaply.


    Just read the last post :p

    Good choice, hope you enjoy it :D
  16. get both, you can never have too many bikes
  17. id go the vtr. i saw one in newtown area for under $6k. and only 5oooks!!

    :D :D
  18. Why does the 650 have to have a throttle restrictor in it? I thought the whole idea of the LAMS scheme was that as long as the bike was below 660cc and a certain power to weight ratio then it was alright to ride? Or do all bikes bigger than the 250 mark have to have a throttle restrictor esentially limiting them to the 250cc power range?
  19. The restrictor means it can only make enough power to fall into the lams catagory. Without the restrister the bike will make more than 150kw/ton, rendering it illegal for L'platers
  20. Black VTRs are sooooooo nice :) :) :) Mine is a dream to ride. LOVE IT! Congrats on the purchase and hope you have many many hours of enjoyment