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Ducati 620ie lams v Yamaha FZ6R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Kelvinc, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. Need some advice here. I am thinking of between the two bikes.

    I am only on Ls. Most riding consist of cruising on the streets. My requirements are low down torque and great handling.

    I like fairings but do not like the throttle restriction. I know that this can be removed but worried about insurance cover should something go wrong.

    I like the Ducati name. The 620ie does not look as nice as the 696 but everything I want is not lams compliant.

    The Ducati can be had for $10,500 and is a 2006 model. I think the FZ6R goes for $12k and is brand new.

    Would love to buy a bike that I can keep longer but this is only wishful thinking. Probably will end up upgrading as soon as I can.

    I drive a Mitsubishi Evo X MR and essentially, I am looking for a bike like that; a bit of street cred, low down torque with good acceleration, and handling that brings a smile.

    I just sold my Honda CB400. It was a good bike but unfortunately, I thought it looked ugly. I did like the EFI, great acceleration but it was not love though.

    Thanks in advance, Kelvin.
  2. If it's low-down torque you want, forget the FZ, it doesn't become fun until the revs start to climb.

    The Duc is lovely, the restricted throttle is a bit awkward though. You may want to look at the slightly older Ducati M600s instead, they're not restricted in any way and sit just below the power/weight limit (by a single kilowatt). Lovely torquey engine, they sound amazing, handle superbly and look gorgeous.

    They're a lot cheaper than $10,500 too.
  3. If your interested in riding a bike and a great all round bike at that then you will know what to choose.

    If you want to make 50 hundred thousand point turns and ride once monthly, you will know the only choice..

    Ignore the above poster and the poor recommendations for the 600m, as a previous owner I can tell you forget the claimed HP figures a 600 monster would have a very hard time out dragging a VTR250, if at all... I had a low km aus delivered one well maintained carbon cans modded airbox and filter rejet and it sounded awesome but was slower than a glacier.... My zeal 250 was quicker in a drag LOL

    Get the yammy
  4. Glacier slow? That's strange, in my 16 months on my Monster 600 I never came across a single learner bike that I couldn't outrun (and the only mod on mine was a set of Staintunes). I can't argue with your points on the poor turning circle, but I also can't say that I ever found it to be much of an inconvenience.

    Kelvin, for a bit of a mini review of the Ducati, see my old 'for sale' thread on mine:

    I've just discovered that the FZ6R isn't actually related to the FZ6N (which I have tested), so I'll have to retract my previous statement about the nature of its engine. I can't offer any first hand experience of the bike.
  5. Sprocket change could help you in the low rev range, just add a few more teeth to the rear and avoid mucking around with the front (not worth it in the long run).

    The fazer has a less committed riding position so might be more of a cruising sort of bike, but doesn't have the same get up and go as the Ducati (Is cheaper to service though).

    GOod luck with the purchase dude.