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ducati 600ss is learner legal?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by vicandliz3, Dec 14, 2008.

  1. :cool: i would like to know if the ducati 600ss is learner legal in nsw because i have just brought one and the dealer at the shop said it is and when i lokked on the rta lams it is not there can you help

  2. generally, if its not on the list - you cant ride it.
    make sure it is the latest version of the list though.
    go to the RTA site itself and find it instead of google (if thats what you did).
    if your still in doubt, go to the RTA tomorrow and ask them.

    dont always believe what a salesman tells you - he just wants a sale.
  3. research, research, research
  4. Unfortunately I have to agree with nuts.... Research!
    I have just reviewed the list and it would seem that your bike, the 600ss, is NOT a LAMS approved bike as it does not appear on the list. The 400ss is listed so one would assume that the 600ss would be next on the list if it was approved.
  5. hey :shock:
  6. Latest Vic LAMS 11th Nov 2008, lists the Ducati 600SS

    I'm assuming all states are now uniform with their conformity to LAMS.

    edit/ like everyone else says...just a quick call and your mind will be at ease.
  7. I gather it isn't - but if you are over 30, you can just get your licence real quick and it will be.
  8. It's a grey import, not an official Aus model, which is why it's not on the LAM's list.

    You can request it be added to the list at your RTA. Or just ride it.

    It's certainly within the power/weight restrictions.
  9. Absolutely no uniformity between states. When Vic implemented LAMS it recalculated almost all of the list after discrepancies were found on the NSW list.
  10. :LOL: :LOL:
  11. ducati 600ss

    thanks but when i picked it up today i looked at the rego papers and it has lam on them so i am legal to ride it and again thanks for helping vic