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Ducati 400M 2009

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by CruiseOrLoose, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    So i have been looking at some bikes until i came across the ducati 400m


    Very nice bike,

    but there is a problem the only place i can find a new one is at Sumoto in victoria.

    does any body know any bad things about sumoto shop that should effect me if i end up ordering a bike from them.

    and is $8290 a good price for that bike ??

    it seems to good to be true.

    EDIT: thats the website -

    http://sumotoworldof250s.bikepoint....Page=0&MTA=False&DealerID= 30187&NoPBHeader=1
  2. a search of the forum for the word Sumoto finds 387 hits, including your's

    my bet would be that 386 of them range from uncomplimentary to unprintable
  3. It won't be a 2009 monster for a start......."2009 complied", the bike will be mid 90s build
  4. I would try and avoid Sumoto if possible, heard nothing but bad things about them. Besides that, they are in Victoria, and you are in Sydney, so if something went awry, it would be a real pain in the ass to get the bike back to them for whatever reason.
  5. dude do yourself a massive favor and forget the duc

    get a VTR250

    a few minor mods and non bike people wouldnt have a clue..

    i had a 600M immaculate then put on some cf cans and k&N and airbox mod etc...

    slow as shit...

    seriously barley quicker than what im told a VTR250 goes like but without the reliability and cheap maintainance

    ask around what people wanna try charging for a valve adjustment, and bear in mind there are 2v not 32v cyl!

    btw the price is wayyyy out of control and considering they are grey import wrecks glued together and buffed!

    Just remember you can ride a 600m and even the L legal 620ie version that were sold here new and will have a history not cost any more and the 620 is about 7000x faster...

    dont believe the road reviews even the 600 was claimed as a 13 sec 1/4 bike, no where near it... maybe a mid-high 15 if your lucky or if it rides itself
  6. Honda Bros is another one - the 650 of course, but I once test rode the 400, loved it! Damn quick as far as mattb bikes go. Wasn't my style though, too cramped and huddled and didn't look like something off the set of Heartbeat, so didn't buy it....
  7. mate, I don't know whether to take you seriously or not.

    That's not even close to good value. It's too good to be true for Sumoto if they sell it for that.
  8. That's... bloody expensive.

    As somebody said, it's much older than a 2009 model.

    Search for Sumoto. They scare me.
  9. RUN AWAY!

    Seriously, look ahead and run. I wouldn't buy a Ducati 400 if you paid me. Buy yourself a Suzuki GS500 for 7.5k brand new, mate, and ride the hell out of it. Neglect it, even, and it'll still love you and mumbo up to and above the posted limits quicker than an old duke 400.

    Check out eBay for things like GS500, CB250, GB400 and VTR250. Some dirtbikes would be good, too. Stuff like the DR650 and DRZ400, plus TT600 series.

    Don't buy interstate - boingk
  10. Speechless
  11. peter stevens also has the Ducati 400's

    Yes very pretty and juz the right height for me , but overly priced for a bike that's probably 6-10 yr old

    So I went a put a deposit on a brand new GS500 ... pick her up next week :grin: