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Ducati 1199 Panigale impressions

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Spocky, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. Howdy all,

    Just had an in the flesh look at the new Panigale S.

    Very nice bike and looks similar to the 1198s but has more componentry exposed on the left hand side (especially Ohlins) which gives it a bit of an attitude. Not a large bike but also reasonable size. Sat on it (they weren't letting it out) and the positioning is surprisingly comfortable (more so than the 1198 that was beside it) with the bars higher and wider. Legs were at about 80 degree flex when up and I'm 188cm tall so that was surprisingly nice and didn't feel cramped.

    All nicely laid out but feels a little top heavy vs the S1000RR which another rider also noted despite the Beemer being heavier.

    5-7 month waiting list at the moment but unfortunately it hasn't removed itself from my want list.....

    Cheers Spocky

    PS: Bike was at Frasers Motorcycles on Parramatta Road, Sydney
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  2. Thanks for your review, bro. This helps me greatly in my decision between the 1199 and S1000RR in the "best bike for sitting on in my garage and making vroom vroom noises" category.
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  3. Looking forward to your in-depth riding round a carpark review.

    Cheers Spocky
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  4. I'll be doing best bike to ride and get a latte review soon...

    Cheers Ampto
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  5. And i'll be reviewing and rating the subtlety and most thorough use of sarcasm.

    This thread for example excels in its thoroughness.

    Subtlety, not so much.
  6. Gee there is some absolute d*heads around here! If he had of written Yamahonduki, no one would have bat an eye lid...
  7. Should of added the "no offence intended" disclaimer...

    Where has the netrider humour gone.
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  8. No offense taken.....just doing the exercise of eliminating bikes that I just don't fit (RC8 is an example of that and the RSV4 is also a little uncomfortable just at standstill). Have a bit of time to do some research so just doing the see what fits and is practical.

    S1000RR is heading the race so far and was waiting to see the 1199 in the flesh to see if it actually was going to be a reasonable size and riding position (not just for track days but for punts down the National Park etc).

    They are not letting test rides at this stage for the Panigale so just stating that they are around to view and are not as aggressive as I thought they would be.

    .......and prefer cappucinos to the Latte set anyway...:p

    Cheers Spocky
  9. I reckon. - If one can't hassle Ducrapi owners about their overpriced, under-ridden, poser-mobiles, what can one say?
  10. I would go the BMW. What didn't you like about the RC8? It's an interesting bike to say the least.
  11. Are you making assumptions?

    Why don't you have your ride listed in your signature, are you too embarassed about your motorbike? Or is it a bit of jealousy coming out?

    I can afford my bike, so it's not overpirced. I ride my bike plenty (8K in 8 months) considering it's just a hobby bike, including recently at PI. Poser, how so? You assume a Ducati owner is a poser as you can't afford one so they must be a poser with expensive tastes.

    People like you are the one with the issue. Better try and bring others down to your level, how is that working for you?

    Nice set of assumptions you have made...=D>
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  12. Angles all wrong for me and gave me sore nads just sitting on it. Wasn't going to ride a bike that killed my nads at traffic lights.

    Admit though that it is an interesting bike.

    Cheers Spocky
  13. Go the BM, I love mine.


    Although I am very keen to test ride a Panigale to compare the 2.
  14. I'm not so sure it's a good bike for your average rider. To ride it hard and fast per it's design, is going to require some talent. And why would an accomplished rider on that bike, wanna tool around on our rough as guts roads. Waist of an exciting machine IMHO.

    If one buys it for the pose ( many Ducati riders) at the local cafe, then fair enough. But don't make out like you're a real rider.
    It's disrespectful to the bike's lineage.
  15. Hard to say what its going to be like to be honest....no one has had it really on the road as part of the testing (track work is a bit silly for the average rider on ANY bike). The issue is that this seems to have less aggression in the riding position than the earlier Ducati series and might be a good punting down the twisties bike. I don't know....

    Most people can't ride any bike to its capabilities (see any of the litre sports bikes) but if it has electronic suspension and a capability to be reasonably happy at lower revs then why wouldn't it be a good bike to ride on the roads?

    People by the RSV4 for road and track use and I am not sure that the 1199 couldn't be used for the same reason.

    The main issue is that for the price of the Ducati, you can get a S1000RR and add a lot of HP bits and still come under the price for a bike with near same capabilities at this stage (when are they going to do a comparison...THAT will be an interesting review!).

    Interesting times.....

    Cheers Spocky
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  16. I don't list my "ride" in my signature because I don't consider my bike some sort of trophy to be displayed publicly in order to feel good about myself.
  17. So you don't ride then?
  18. So I should be, belittled by people who have security issues?
    I've worked since the age of 15, never been on the dole and am self employed.
    You tell me why I shouldn't own the bike I do?
  19. I think these comments has been total misconceived by the audience, have a laugh man. Calm down, have a beer, move on with your life.

    And back to the topic at hand...
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  20. Oh come on man. You are so arrogant. Who has security issues? You seem to think Ducati jibes are personally directed at you. You copped some jokes about coffee shops and the unique shifting style of Ducatis. I was typing out a whole post in defense of this before realising if I have to do that to say something about Ducatis parked outside a coffee shop, it's probably better to just shut up instead.:-s
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