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Ducati 1098s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Dropped in to the new Ducati dealer on Elizabeth St this arvo. Its across the road from Toyota or there abouts.

    Anyway they had a nice new Tri Colour 1098s on the floor. It is so nice, even the wife was impressed. :twisted: So after chatting with the sales guys, and them sussing me out about my ride, they have booked me in for a test ride on there red demo at 10am tomorrow morn. :grin: Black one is due in November. I hope i dont like it too much, otherwise there will be 2 bikes for sale.. :shock:

    Will post up the my thoughts over the weekend. :cool:

  2. if you dont want to sell your bike, dont get on it. It will blow you away...id argue with a set of slicks, the bike would be the quickest 0-100km/h bike on the market outside of the 100 grand bikes.
  3. Mate the 14 is pretty lethal.. Thats a big call on the 0-100 but if you say so i am not going to argue with someone who obviously knows his Dukes..
  4. Went in there yesterday to try on some leathers and check out the store. Also offered a test ride (slipped my business card).

    Was told that the 1098s is great but if im in the market the Desmosedici RR will be available soon!

    Full race kit (Exhaust and CPU) to push it to 205 ponnies! :shock:

    The full kit will challange the 14.

    Only issue. Have to order one by end of the year for mid-next year delivery. And will br about 90k.

    My main issue is garage space! :LOL:
  5. Oooooh there's gonna be people that won't agree with that. 0-100 is soooooo close between ALL sports bikes, I'd argue a good 600 would even give it a run for it's money.
  6. Well the ZX14 is 0-100 in 2.5 sec.. And yes i would agree that they are all very close these days.
  7. Id argue, that the ducati has the rest of the litre bikes beat in regards to 0-60 times, based on the torque being available lower, and being lighter than its competitors also the 0-60 times on bikes like the hayabusa, and zx-14 isnt always what the specs sheet says, a zx-14 and a hayabusa will usually be schooled over a 1/4 by an r1. so it stands to reason the duke would pull probably harder with a higher amount of torque available lower, pulling less weight. Its a twin...

    The 1098 will top out way before the others though. Its a twin...

    That said i agree with the guys, its splitting hairs, and thats not the cool part anyway. Im sure someone somewhere beat its 0-60 time with an r1 or a cbr125r.

    Eitherway, arguing about the straightline speed seems pointless. Because generally speaking, your moving from a super tourer, to a full on sports bike.

    The ducati wont be as comfortable, you might dislike it lack of turning circle at low speed, and you will probably wonder why it wont do 300km/h, but it will drill the twisties alot harder than your current bike.

    Basically your going to throw practicality out of the window.

    But you dont buy a ducati for practicality. There fantastic handling bikes. Every corner feels stable, and planted, you can be doing the most insane things, and the bike is planted, your never in the wrong gear either.

    But the truth of the matter is, its a head turner. They are the biggest posers bike of all time...with the credentials to back it up. It turns heads, and i know your into that type of thing lol

    Me and my old man were going to order one to go with out sports classic and 620s, but, were waiting for either the 1198, or a producation L-4 from ducati. The 848 is also an option for us depending on pricing, worked out from the slated USD its meant to be around 14k australian...but it will no doubt be bumped up to around 20.

    Also it may be worth noting, adding a set of terginomi's to the ducati will give it a +10hp boost, bringing it to 170hp.
  8. as for the desmosedici, its about 120 grand.

    It would be faster than the zx14 in every straight line respect and every other respect...its legitimately a motogp bike...Its a very very special bike!
  9. 120 grand for a bike....thats ridiculous, seriously. I'd rather buy a ferrari. Basically the same anyway hehe.
  10. there is a write up about the sedici in this weeks AMCN. im not a big duke fan, but this thing has me harder than a 15YO at a strip club. ill be interested to hear what you have to say about the 1098 paul..
  11. Yes it may well be, and probably not by much, and the ZX14 only cost $19k.. :grin: :p
  12. Mate.... you're on a ZX14R, why downgrade ? :eek:
  13. I am just booked for a test ride, and there may be a slim chance i will get a serious woody and want to buy one. :LOL: Yet i could say nah the 14 is much better for me.. :grin: Or i could park it next to the 14 in the garage.. :twisted:
  14. That leaves you with $101,000 worth of mods, I'm pretty sure you'll smoke the duke and have more people drooling over your bike than the duke! :wink: :grin:
  15. I dont have to do anything to the 14, it already has enough droolers.. :grin: But i suppose a turbo kit would come in handy.. :twisted:
  16. Being the staunch Roo's fan that I know you are, I can't see you on a red bike :p
  17. Aha, but i would get a black one.. :grin:
  18. Do you really think your fancy blue boots will match a black bike :LOL:
  19. Thats a good point Caz.. Considering i have 2 pairs of fancy blue boots.. :p
  20. If you could spend only 100 grand and make it faster than the ducati motogp bike, i think kawasaki would like to speak to you lol (im speaking corners too)

    The 1098 is a sexy bike. Jump on and see.