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Ducati 1098s

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by wedge, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. Saw one of these at Civic on the weekend and damn do they look fine. There was a group of duke riders down from sydney with all the fancy pipes and dry clutches you could poke a stick at.
    I've been reading about them in the magazines and i didnt expect to see one so soon in the flesh. I had a small chat to the bloke who owned it, and he seemed very happy with it for ordering it in October (which is weird because the launch of these machines wasn't untill November) :shock: he said there is now a six month wait for one (if youv'e got the cash).
    For the extra $5k (making it $31,000 +ORC) the 's' version comes with a full ohlins suspension package, light wieght Marchesini wheels (making it 2kg lighter than the stock 1098), carbon fibre front and the data logger which provides feedback from your ride.
    (some info from AMCN)

    A very nice machine with a tested top speed of 291km/h :cool:
    All in all a real head turner and performer, i'd love to just sit on one :LOL:

  2. I think you'll find it was the National Ducati Rally, so it was just a bit more than some dudes down from Sydney.

    Had you had a Ducati, and turned up, you could have had a test ride on a 1098, organised by Gecko.

    They look nice, somewhat address the 999, although not as nice as the 916/996/998 - they're echoing that, and from some angles looks like they're trying a bit hard. I'll have a 1098 S Tricolore tho.
  3. Well if i had a Ducati i would be more than happy to a test ride, but i dont so strike that :wink:
    It appeared that it was only a few ducati riders at civic, i wasn't sure if they were with the duc rally or not. Had a quick chat to the owner of the 1098s and he told me they were just from Sydney down for the day and about to ride the Cotter. Not too much more info than that.

    Where was the Ducati rally held?
    What is Tricolore?
  4. Most of the people for the NDR were staying out at Rydges on the Federal Highway. One of the rides (on Saturday) was a loop around the Cotter then popping into Civic.

    EDIT: I believe that Rydges was the official HQ for the NDR, too.

    Not sure about the turnout at the NDR, I was going to go but my stupid MSc exam got in the way, so I've been doing that & prepping an apartment to sell all weekend (otherwise I would have gone and blagged a ride on the 1098 - don't want one, but owning a Ducati means I should get perks too!)

    Tricolore - http://www.ducati.com/en/bikes/my2007/ModelPage.jhtml?family=Superbike&model=SBK1098STRICOLORE-07
  5. Niiice, very european :wink:
    Wish i had of headed out to Rydges to see the turnout.
    Too bad you couldn't get down there, what duc do you ride?
  6. pay attention karl monster sr1000 didnt they teach u anything at school :LOL: :p
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  8. I ride the bitzer of the lineup. At least I chose a Monster with a single-sided swingarm and dry clutch, however :).

    Makes a mighty fine commuting bike, coming from sportsbikes... Not sure a 1098 would be that nice to commute on...
  9. oh not the biggest fan of the rims looks like something off some modded up riceburner (cage)
  10. They had a 1098 on display at the Bike Expo at the Superbikes. I thought it was attractive without being all that startling, though it might look better in the tricolore paint scheme.

    It was parked next to a Hypermotard, which to my eyes looked a hell of a lot more interesting than the 1098. Plenty of carbon fibre and trick detail to capture the attention. I suspect the 1098 lacks the same level of fine detail because it's been built down to a price.

    But the overall shape is good enough. I just suspect I'd start taking its appearance for granted after a while, in a way I never would if I owned a 916.
  11. The tricolour is so hot =P~ =P~
  12. 04Feb07_7.
    Personally, I am more than happy with the 1098 having gone from a 998. Definately haven't got bored with the look. Unfortunately I could only afford either 998 or 1098 and have no regrets on any level.

  13. I've said it before...and I'll say it again...that is DEAD SEXY!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  14. Happy times!
  15. Has the first shippment of the 1098 landed in Australia yet? Or are the few traveling around arrivals from a special shippment?
  16. Yep first shipment of both 1098 and the S have been delivered.
    Already seen some come back in for first service as well.
    Couple have been put down, people are blinging them up already.
    Mainly slip on mufflers at the moment but the full noise full system is waiting for a customer to come in and get it fitted.
    It is huge.