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Ducati 1098s, how nice !!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Blue14, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. Saw a Ducati 1098s yesterday at Healesville. Geez what a machine, now i know what Vic was talking about.. The one yesterday was a red one of course.. But i would have to go the black.. :twisted:


  2. Sex on wheels............but it's gotta be RED. Like buying a black Ferrari [-X
  3. Yes good point that.. By the way, you following me ?? :LOL:
  4. i actually think it looks better in black
  5. I like red bikes to the point where at least half of the 30 odd bikes I've owned have either been red or red/other color... and even I reckon the 1098 looks better in black :LOL:
  6. I think I just made a mess...
  7. Have you people no sense of tradition! :roll: :p
  8. Just to fuel the debate, here's a red one so you can compare. For me, its the flagship model so it has to be red. I'd have a monster in black though.
  9. Tradition is for people who don't have the imagination to invent 'a better mouse trap' :LOL: :p
  10. Yes red is traditional, but that black looks awesome..
  11. hmm

  12. Ooo, that's nice in black.
  13. I want one in black!!!!!!! Screw you hippy type people that think red is best
  14. Black > red, even just for the fact that everyone is buying it in red, let alone that it looks so much better in black
  15. There...something we both agree on! (And you thought it would never happen!!!!) :shock:
  16. Red goes faster....heaven knows I need all the help I can get :wink:
  17. This discussion is just silly...

    Plainly the limited edition tricolour 1098S is the best

  18. I've got to say that I am normally a fan of the red, but that black is so nice!
    Actually the colour scheme is very similar to my ER6F....
    but a very, very different bike underneath the paint job!