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Ducati 1098 Streetfighter.......mmmmm

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by SilentBob, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. http://www.streetfighter.ducati.it/main_en.html

    Saw it in the latest AMCN, looks pretty sweet indeed. No prices yet but it said somewhere between the monster ST4 and the 1098........so prob out of my price range:( But i do like the idea:)


  2. Overweight (197kg full wet)

    Streetfighters are meant to be minimalistic to the point of anorexia.

    Looks pretty, but it's little more than a naked bike, as opposed to a true streetfighter.
  3. i concur.

    if anything the hypermotard would be a better 'streetfighter' than this, if anything for its nimbleness.
  4. 167kg wet.
  5. so who's right? surely it doesnt have a ~40L fuel tank (assuming full wet = oils + fuel and 'wet' = just oils.)
  6. I've got this nice bridge to sell you!

    It ain't 167kg wet. That's the bone-dry weight, as in no fluids of any kind (oil, water, brake, fork oil), and no battery. If it was 167kgs wet, then that would mean that the 1098S that the bike is based on has a fairing set that weighs in at 34kgs, as opposed to the more usual ~4kgs for fairings + brackets of every other faired sports bike.
  7. Maybe he meant wet as in they rolled it outside and left it in the rain?

  8. or the bike show version after everyone drooled over it...
  9. "Streetfighters' like most such terms is little more than just a marketing label and as such it REALLY isn't worth talking about. It means whatever a person using it wants it to mean. But what are you going to ride - a bike or a label?

    What we have here is the engine which by all accounts is the main attraction of Ducati 1098, finally packaged in a bike that a normal bodied person can hopefully sit on for more than 10 minutes.

    And I think it looks great. If I could actually afford it, I'd be excited.
  10. I agree the name doesnt really suit it......as i get the idea real 'streetfighters' are supposed to be minimalistic(or anorexic)........so perhaps just calling it a 1098monster woulda been more appropriate, but then again its obviously a marketing idea........if only just to get rid of the left over 1098 engines cause they ran out of fairings :p

    But imo i still like the look and all, and thats half the reason u buy a ducati neways :p
  11. Oh and sorry if this was a repost!
  12. I don't like it.. the style is a bit :S in my books. Too much going on
  13. Thats a perfect naked bike in my books, looks and killer beefy engine, two thumbs up.
  14. I thought a streetfighter was what a rider who's crashed his uninsured sports bike calls the leftovers.....
  15. or a console game from the '90s and then a Van Damme movie

  16. Most backyard garage streetfighters end up costing heaps more than replacing/repairing the standard components back to standard.

    ducati brought out the Hypermoto because they liked having another alternative for their 2 valve aircooled engine - they love that donk, if you ask them to put a 1100cc 2valve airhead twin on a lawnmower they'll jump at the chance.
    But when it comes to the 4valve Testastretta engine, Ducati will need to be kicking & screaming before they'll put that in something else apart from the superbike.
    Sure it once lived in a ST which immediatly became a 3valve & the toop spec Monster comes with the Testastrette, but that's just because the Monsters are Ducati's bread & butter, besides it helps to push out more M696 & M800s...
  17. And here's a true Ducati streetfighter: the picture is courtesy of a US site, but the bike is actually from Brisbane - this guy bought a new Duc 1098 and stripped the body work.

    "I rode the 1098 in standard form for about a week and quickly understood why I was looking for a bike with an upright seating position. After the chiropractor repaired my wrists, neck and back, I got to work and removed the fairing and bits."

    Then replaced the headlight assembly with one from a scooter! Here is the result:


    LOL, I'm sure he had fun with his project but I think if I had the money I'd rather have the factory "Streetfighter" than the real thing :)