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News Ducati’s comfortable Supersport

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. DUCATI has announced a new machine to slot into its range between the upright Monsters and race-inspired Panigale – the new SuperSport and SuperSport S.
    Claimed to be comfortable on the freeway, agile in the twisties and suitable for city riding, the new machine will arrive in Australia next March.
    Powered by a 937cc Testastretta liquid-cooled V-twin with 113 horsepower and a flat torque curve, the new machine should be very capable without being a rip-your-arms out road burner.
    It will feature three riding modes – sport, touring, urban – which points to its design brief – it’s not a race bike, that’s still the Panigale’s job.
    With ‘relaxed’ riding positions for both rider and pillion, good wind protection from the height-adjustable screen and a 16-litre tank to provide range in excess of 200km, don’t be surprised if the Ducati SuperSport quickly becomes on the marque’s best-sellers.
    The SuperSport range includes a SuperSport S version featuring fully adjustable Öhlins suspension, the Ducati Quick Shift up/down system and a rear seat cover: the latter are also available as accessories for the SuperSport.
    Pricing hasn’t been announced yet.


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  2. They are saying under $20k. It will probably have a decent niche.
  3. I don't even reckon my grandma could ride a 900cc v twin more than 200kms with a 16L tank
  4. Made in Bangladesh?
  5. nah mate

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  6. sorry
    new gayland
  7. I love the idea behind it, however I'm not a fan of the fairings.

    I put side profile pics of the Panigale and this Supersport next to one another and the Supersport has a really unbalanced appearance. If the side fairings covered slightly more of the bulk from the engine it would really balance it out.
  8. I would happily take the white Supersport S. Love it, I want one.
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  9. Big fan of the monster, but if the sports has the style of a panigale with the livability of a monster.......

    Will find a big niche
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  10. 200km is still a bit.. short? but i like what they are doing :)
  11. I agree, but taking one is about the only way I'd be able to have one. ;)
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  12. I quite like this, but I wish they did a different headlight. I assume they just wanted it to look different to the panigale, but it's just a bit on the ugly side.
  13. sounds like the end of the Monsters to me
  14. After what Yamaha are doing with headlights, these look positively sexy in comparison!
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  15. I've actually seen and sat on the pre-production bike at WDW16. I had a decent chat with the designer especially after he found out I was from Melbourne (had his honey moon here) and the wife spoke to the marketing manager.

    Anyway, it's comfortable, as soon as I sat on it did really feel comfortable. Will it sell here? Probably not because of our obsession with more power rather than dare I say it, learning how to ride. It definitely doesn't spell the end of the Monster series, it's their core business along with the Scrambler in Europe.
    Ducati had SS' in the past, they really are a sport orientated tourer.
    I was told two packages will be available, one which decks the bike out for touring mode and the other more sports mode. I was also told the torque curve will be very flat and long making it quite a useable and flexible motor for most situations we find on the roads.
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  16. Moving the monster to water cooled has enabled them to 'dress' the frame with panels.
    Not always an option with air cooling.
    However, panels are expensive to replace in a small off.
    Dont add a lot to the rideability either, except for directing airflow in winter, ie water.

    I really want a 899 panigale for a daily ride, but have a hard time justifying the price.
    The 1100 evo had a short range too, but somehow I managed.
    Pita when touring though.
    Willl have a look at bike if it is on display at PI motogp
  17. peter-reebokpeter-reebok, stock 899's can be had pretty reasonable these days.
  18. Yeah, but its a used bike.
    I only buy new bikes. That way I know it was me that wrecked it
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  19. peter-reebokpeter-reebok 899's haven't been available new for nearly a year, you'd have to look at a 959. They're the same list price anyhow.