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Duc Tourismo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by techno, Feb 24, 2005.

  1. Tourismo must be in town.

    I've never heard so many Ducatis go past my office in Macquarie St.

    Those guys are making me jealous. They're out riding while I'm here at work.

    Tonight I'll go out to see if I can find them. Surely theres a concours or soemthing on tonight. :D
  2. If there is a concours, look out for Scumbag and Elle (netriders). Scumbag's on a red Duc (I know - that doesn't help but they all look the same after the SS900 and the MHR)* and Elle's on a black Honda CB 250.

    Identifying characteristics - Scumbag has a shaved head and rarely goes out without red & silver wraparound shades.

    *hmmm...I can feel the flames already
  3. Easiest way to recognise Scumbag and Elle are by their number plates. One say BQIKA and the other says BQIK or something to that effect.
  4. Yeah, I saw a few in Liverpool St today near work, and I saw about 6 in a group on the highway.
    Weekend just gone, I was in Launceston, there was a group of probably 10 outside the Ducati shop up there, and a support type Transit Van (new one) with Ducati Turismo on the side.
  5. Turismo started on Monday in Launcestonwhere they toured the North-East of the state before ending up at Devonport. Tuesday they spent ruising through the centre of the state and up to the East coast and spent the night in St. Helen's. Wednesday they headed to Hobart via the Great Lakes district. Yesterday they were hanging around Hobart with a concourse, demo test rides on the current range of bikes and a ride around the Huon Valley.

    No doubt, there will be quite a few Dukes floating around Tassie for the weekend.

    As I was supposed to be down there for this event, PLEASE no more about it :cry: :cry: :cry:

    :D :D :D
  6. Mum lives in Devonport and told me she saw stacks of Dukes tooling around. She asked me what was going on and said she'd never seen so many red bikes! :D

    I'd love to be there myself, riding around tassie kicks ar$e! 8)
  7. It was the best.
  8. Got talking to some guys from Victoria in Campbelltown on Saturday. About 6 people on Ducati superbikes, a mix of 748/996 and a GSXR 750.
    One of the guys on a Ducati had "pommie" plates and an accent to match.

    Sound familiar to anyone?
  9. Techno, I know some of the guys you saw on Sat arvo. I was there a little earlier on my ST and with my wife on her CB250.
    Some of those guys are a little nuts. Nice guys though.
    Oh chairman, I am never without the shades so when I look near your direction then I am not blinded by the light. Look the same well to the uninitiated maybe but you can be taught.

    Lil, you missed a ripper.
  10. That was most likely Pommie Dave and Sue from DOCV.