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Duc Monster 620 LAMS

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Justin Stacks, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. I understand that there are 2 types of 620s. LAMS approved and non LAMS approved. i believe the 620 lite is LAMs by a throttle restricter in place.

    Can anyone tell me if there is an easy way to make sure and see if the throttle restricter is still in place and has not been tampered with?

    Also, is the Monster Lite, labeled as such on the rego? On the LAMS approved list it lists 620 Monster Lite or variant name of M620 Lite.

    On the 620 I have just gone and test ridden, the rego says LAMS, but the rego just says 620M and 620M for the variant name.

    Is it possible this bike was not registered properly? The last owner is not on his LAMS, so he probably doesn't care, but because I'm only on my Ps, the last thing I want is a non approved LAMS bike, get into an accident, and have no chance of repayment.

    Any help o this is appreciated. Thx.
  2. Hi Justin.

    OK the LAMS bit on a Monster 620 is a funny looking bit of bracketry at the engine end of the throttle cable.

    Essentially it stops the rider getting anything like full throttle.

    The bracket is held in by two (or maybe three) one-time bolts, where the head comes off when tightened. If they are to be removed, you dremel a slot in the bolt head and unscrew with a screw driver.

    Sorry, but I don't have a piccie of the bits...... google?

    This limitation is pretty easy to remove, or modify, to allow the bike to be derestricted.

    It can also be bought from a Ducati dealer to replace the restrictor if it has been "lost", although it is pretty expensive.

    Although the restricting and derestricting is pretty simple, having the matching paperwork isn't. If the rego sticker, and/or paperwork say it is restricted then it officially is, otherwise it isn't.

    Getting the paperwork changed from restricted to derestricted is, apparently, fairly easy, but getting it changed back is next to impossible.

    I think, but would not swear to it, that the restrictor kit is an off-the-shelf part from Ducati in Europe (UK?) where they have kits to restrict bigger bikes to 34 hp, so if you test rode the bike and it felt like you could go faster on the RS125 it is probably restricted, but, if it felt faster than the wee two stroke, it probably has been derestricted.

    How many cops or rego inspection places know exactly what to look for, I have no guesses.

    The Monster 620, in full song is a nice bit of kit, but the restricted one, is, from what I have seen, very restricted indeed.

    Perhaps the safest bet, if you really like the Monster would be to find a 600, which I think is LAMS approved in standard form. (It must just squeak in in)

    Hope this helps.
  3. BTW, on the NSW RTA web site there is:-

    and, if you look for Ducati, with no model specified, after 1999, you learn that the 620 engine, used in the Monster, Sports and possibly the MultiStrada has 45 Kw, while the Lite version has only 24 Kw, pretty close to 34 hp.
  4. Thanks for the info mate!

    I guess I need to know how I can tell if the bike I'm looking at is the 620 Lite or not.

    On the guy's Rego Papers, the model just say 620M, no mention of Lite anywhere. At the same time, it still does say Cond. LAM on the papers, so I am confused.

    Hence, I'd like to go off a visual of the restricter in place on the bike, so I can confirm that the bike is still LAMS approved.
  5. Shrug.... up to you mate.

    I'd rather ride an RS125 stroker than a stuffed up Monster, but I know I am weird.

    There are big bore kits available for the Aprilia, you know.
  6. If I remember correctly his RS125 was written off because someone rear ended him!

  7. Haha. That's right. RS125 was a write off.

    As you can see I have something for the Italians, so I'm looking to try out the Monster for the reminder of my Ps which is another 11 months, then I can decide to either stick with the Nakeds or go back to the Supersport.

    Or I can try out a cafe racer from MV Augusta :D
  8. Oh, OK, Justin, I didn't realise that.

    But the point I am getting at is that the 620 LAMS Monster, as it is supposed to be, is extremely underwhelming.

    If the throttle limiter is "accidentally" bent, or falls off, it is a really sweet bike.

    The later 659 Monster seems to be a proper LAMS special with 38 Kw, and the older 600, which may be a LAMS approved, has 40 Kw.

    I annoys me that those 620s were sold here as LAMS bikes, when they simply threw on the 34 hp limiter kit, nearly halving the power output.
  9. I get what your saying. When doing a bit of research, I read some of your older posts talking about how underwhelming the power is, etc.

    Realistically, it's a bike for me to finish the remainder of my Ps on, and get use to moving from a supersport to a naked.

    If I enjoy the ride, I'll lbe looking to get rid of it by the end of the year and upgrade to the M696 (my skills willing).
  10. Have a look at a Duc Monster 600. I've got one with a stage 2 dyno-jet kit and it outpaces my brothers new Monster 659. Because of the smaller displacement there's no restrictor and the jet kit gives it an awesome boost along. Have to tweak the steering blocks though or it turns like a boat.
  11. How are the batteries on the 600s considering they're much older? I saw one for sale, and the owner mentioned that he replaced the battery 6 months ago, but it still runs flat if not ridden every few days.

    Is this typical of older Ducs, or typical of older bikes in general?
  12. To be honest I replaced the battery on mine when I bought it, and since haven't had any issues with it running flat. Sometimes I don't ride for a good 2 - 3 weeks because of work too, and she'll fire up first time every time. There are other issues with the older 600's, namely the carb's icing up. The 01+ models have an electric carb heater which works but my 97 build doesn't unfortunately ...