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Dubbo Show - Common Questions for Police

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by jokerWA, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. Hope this isn't a repost :grin:


  2. You hope in vain :)

    ... but I wanted this pic and couldn't be bothered searching for it so: Good job!
  3. i cant find the other post to merge this into :LOL:

    laughed me arse into fart mode.

    i need a sign like that! it would read

    * yes i have lost my foot
    * no i don't want to hear about your aunt that lost hers
    * yes, it does suck
    * no, i don't want to know about the guy who has one leg who goes swiming in north sydney pool
    *yes, i do have to pay for two shoes!

    all i can say is....i REALLY hope that photo came from USA. australia is better than that aren't we?
  5. The infamous D Stump! Hehe glad you liked it, but sadly judging by the "No I don't know your uncle who is a sergeant in Sydney" bit I reckon it's Aussie... which is not to say it couldn't still be fake :p
  6. it's a NSW registrered cop car.

    And if you check the emblem n the door it's definately aussie.
  7. We're turning into America more and more every day. Makes me sick.

    Still, it's so Aussie to make signs like that. I hope you do get one, it'd be a laugh. Add on to the bottom:

    * Yes, it was a motorcycle crash
    * Yes, I still get on motorbikes
    * No, they don't scare me