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Dual Sports

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiggers, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    anybody else out there on a dual sport?

    I've got a 2009 KLR650...first bike and loving it!

  2. We bought our son a '96 KLR650 for his first bike. We then put 17" road rims on it. He liked it, but it lacked a bit in the comfort stakes on long trips.

    We also liked it because on the odd occaison that it fell over all we needed to do was use a hammer to lightly tap things back in to place.
  3. My longest run has been about four hours but didn't find it too bad....but then again I ain't short of padding in the rear end :)
  4. those fairings do a fair bit on the klr's, well compared to a dirtbike anyway. i never got to put big miles on my old mans klr when he had it, just did carby mods and a different muffler. went better then.

    i used to ride around on an 08 dr650 with higher bars, tk-p pipe, jet kit and dual sided ventura rack before my bike was on the LAMS list. plenty comfy for me.
  5. Got a DR650, which I bought new 2 years ago. One of biking's best kept secrets, I reckon. Does everything, costs nothing :D.
  6. The older KLR's didn't have the same sort of fairing or seat that the new ones do. They were more dirt bike than road bike.
  7. I understand the new KLR's are restricted to meet the LAMS requirement and its a pretty simple job de-restrict them.
  8. yeah, bloke up the street has a red one (old shape), not as much protection from the wind but meh, its fine.

    @PatB - does your dr650 burn any oil? me and my old man put 17,000km of very hard km on an 08 model and it didnt burn any. not just burning a little bit, but none. astounding.

    i cant remember what you had to do to derestrict the klr650, i think they had 2 holes in the carby slide that you filled in. because with the holes the throttle wont open fully. dunno. i think thats what had to be done.
  9. Yep thats what I found on some of the forums but I think it takes it out of lams if you do, so will wait until I'm unrestricted.
  10. pffft just do it. no cop is gonna check your carbie slides.

    the klr is gutless unrestricted... so id be suprised if it was restricted at all
  11. I have a KLR650 which has been derestricted, you can either fill in the 2 holes in the carby slide or do as I did and replace the slide with one from an overseas KLR650 which doesn't have the holes. I added a staintune system and a larger jet for a bit more grunt (mostly in the midrange).

    A restricted KLR650 makes low to mid 20's at the rear wheel about after derestriction you should expect low 30's. Add a staintune, a jet kit and some fiddle and you can expect mid to high 30's at the rear wheel but the bike will never be what anyone would call fast.

    Having said that they are a nice dual sport for touring around exploring back country roads and more open dirt roads.
  12. :) I'm finding 8ok's pretty fast at the moment, one thing I didn't buy it for was speed. I'd like to do the mods but I'll have to get the bike shop to fit it all.....I know which end of the spanner to hold but thats about it :)
  13. Gutless is fine with me........for the moment at least
  14. nothing wrong with gutless. i dont mind the klr. bit more of a DR fan though. just rides a bit more like a dirtbike,lighter and has more power.

    stock the KLR is much better onroad though.

    just derestrict it. you will not be dissapointed and there is no way you will get caught... the cops/insurance company wouldnt even know what to look for if you crashed into gillards nose.
  15. Gillards nose - now that would be a write off! =D>
  16. i've got a mate with an XR650R (modified with FCR carb, pipe, jetted, etc), he runs it on dirt rims/knobbies when he needs to, then converts it to modard (17" rims & supersport tyres) for when he's in the mood to carve up the twisties.
  17. ... is that me... or did i buy his bike... cause thats what i have lol.

    but it lives as a motard most of the time... and has airbox removed and pod filter and an oversized front disk.

    small world. ripper bike though the xr650r. great great engine. it and the cr500 are the only 2 hondas id ever call my own
  18. well, after my old man got rid of his klr650 and dr650 he decided to get a proper dual sport bike, and no its not one of those wanky bmw gs's.

    something with real hp. real suspension and real fun. if i could only have one bike for the rest of my life, this would be it, without a doubt.

    a real man's dual sport

    chews the fuel though :D
  19. With all this talk about KLR's being restricted has made me wonder about the one we bought.

    I was certainly surprised that a LAMS bike could be stood on it's back wheel so easily, and didn't have too many problems sitting on 120+.
  20. Hi Mick,

    I can't find the link I had saved for the photo of the two holes on the carb, I'll have a look around for it.

    KLR's delivered to Australia have an extra hole in the side of the carb slide that limits the power of the bike. It's easy to fix, just remove the slide from the carb, apply some JBweld o the unwanted hole, and sand it smooth when its hardened.... from another site.