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Dual-sport bike for a short-arse

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by vOOdsy, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Hi all, had a change of heart in the style of bike I'm after.

    It (hopefully) will be a dual-sport (ie. dr650se, klr650, ktm640, nx650, xtz660,etc). The only problem is that these bikes have a seat height that are around >84-85cm. This is a problem for dwarfs like myself. The F650gs has a lowish seat height but the price is way more than what I can afford, which atm is about $4500-5000 max.

    Anyone suggest other dualies that have a lowish seat height max say around 80cm??? I've sat on a vfr750 and feel totally comfortable (seat height 80.5cm), moving the bike with the ball of my foot / feet.

    Am I doom to the tarmac hell?? :p

  2. The DL650 dual-sport has a seat height of 82cm.

    That may be a bit to road orientated for you though.

    Another option is to get the suspension modified to lower the bike, which if you are light won't have much impact on the off road handling and may actually help the on road handling.

    Cut down seats or re-sculpted seat foam are other options.
  3. Get out and sit on a few.

    My 04 KLR650, had a high seat, but suspension that compressed quite a bit.

    DR650 can be installed with a lowering kit, so may be your best bet.
  4. Don't let the seat height/size put you off, most dual purpose bikes are taller. The adventure if you get into it will be so exciting!!!
    I just came from a GS1150 which was not only taller with the rest of them, but also bloody heavy :LOL: I thought I'd be dreaming to consider controlling one of those, as well I hadn't done any dirt riding...

    I'm only 5'6" (cms?), the GS seat came up to my waist standing beside, I soon got used to sliding off to one side to get a foot down, didn't matter after a while... even managed to pick it up a few times in dirt without injury :shock:

    5 years later and quite a few off road miles and heaps of fun.. I just wanted something smoother and with a little more grunt so hear I am... and the GTR is I think 30/40kgs heavier yet seems heaps lighter!!
    but I do miss the adventure of the bush...

    I expect to get another adv in the coming year, I do miss the outdoors...:roll:

    go for it!!
  5. Thanks for the support peeps, definately gonna sit on a few tomorrow!!!

    Stay tuned