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Dual rotor Spada

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by suzyj, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    We've just got a Spada for my daughter to learn on. I ride a Ducati Monster with a few mods - not least suspension and brakes from a 998 superbike.

    Anyway, while test riding, the only thing about the Spada that I really found a bit lacking (for a 250, anyway) was the brakes. They come with a single rotor. A dual rotor setup would be significantly better, methinks.

    Obviously the wheel only has mounts for a rotor on one side, and the forks similarly only have caliper mounts on one side. My thought was to replace forks, wheel, axle and master from a similar sized dual rotor bike, say the CBR250RR...

    Has anyone done similar? I'm thinking as long as the forks are the same diameter through the triples (37mm on the Spada), separated by the same amount (180mm) and similar length (750mm from axle centre to top cap) it should be a fairly straightforward swap - certainly a hell of a lot easier than swapping the forks out on my Ducati, which necessitated boring the top triple and fitting clipons. (see http://www.ducatimonsterforum.org/index.php?topic=41414.msg740226#msg740226)
  2. why not get a radial caliper and adapt that to the fork leg mount with a custom bracket, then put a 320mm disc and good master cylinder and it will be done.
  3. A brake pad swap and braided brake line ought to make a fair difference.
  4. I didn't have much issue with my VTR's front brake, if you were test riding someone else's bike, did you ask how long since the brakes had been serviced?
  5. You just revealed yourself to be the hottest chick ever :D

    Instead of dual rotor brakes, consider getting an oversized brake rotor (if they make one that fits the spada), sintered pads and steel braided brake lines. This will make a big difference and will be a helluva lot easier. You will most likely need to make a relocation bracket for the caliper - still easier than swapping the whole front end out. Or maybe there is an oversized brake kit for the spada.
  6. double post see below
  7. daughters name number and pics please:angel:

    in theory the swap to a cbr dual setup should work, i assume it should be fairly straight forward. and if you use the cbr parts from the steering stem then there wouldn't be any problem with parts not fitting. id check the fork size and axle size between bikes to see if its even easier. bit more work then swapping pads and discs. but then again on the 20yr old spada, a front shock re-build wouldn't be a bad thing.

    otherwise got to some performance pads for a solution
  8. I think for now I'll just change the rotor and swap pads for some nice sintered ones, plus throw a seal kit through the caliper.

    Then I'll keep on the lookout for forks etc.

  9. Good idea (y)