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NSW Dual red light and speed cameras in operation?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lillilster, Jan 27, 2012.

  1. Just quickly, my plight is that I was having a dry ride home on Australia day about 11pm in the evening, clean streets. There were two definite flashes as I rode past the safety camera at the Victoria Rd and Evan St intersection. Double checked the light was green, shrugged it off and went home. On a little further research I learned that NSW has been switching safety cameras into dual red light and speed cameras. I didn't check at the time but I would say I was doing roughly 70 kpa in the 60 zone, maybe a little more. So that would explain the flashes, unfortunately.

    Since I only have a P1 motorcycle license the standard demerits I will incur will be at least 4, being Australia day it's an easy 8. I lost another 2 points about 6 months ago for not displaying my plates. So I'm guessing if I was pinged I am looking at a pretty decent license suspension. It's unfortunate since I ride to work (hospital) and was planing on working also with the paramedical services at my hospital, although there is a rule that you cannot lose more than 6 points in 3 years. So I might have jeopardized my job prospects for a few years now.

    (i) Does anyone know whether these new safety cameras are in operation. I read on the RTA website "The roll out of Safety Cameras at new sites is on hold pending the outcome of an Auditor General's report requested by Premier Barry O'Farrell". Although I am not sure if that has anything to do with the camera that flashed at me. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/roadsafety/speedandspeedcameras/safetycameras/index.html

    (ii) I don't have a criminal record history or any other speeding road offenses. What are the chances of having the demerit points for this offense impeached in court by a magistrate on the basis of good character? Is there a zero leniency policy on public holidays?

    Any other useful advice would be appreciated.

  2. Wait till you get the fine then worry. I have lost count the times i have worried for no reason. I dont anymore.
  3. i) yes, they're been in use for a while. What you're referring to is the installation of more cameras.
    ii) The chances are quite low that you'd be let off. You can request leniency through the SDRO if you have a perfect record for 10 years and the offence is minor. But they are notorious for only very rarely (if ever) being lenient for any speeding offences.

    Your best hope is that you were doing an indicated 70, so perhaps with odometer error only 65-68. Plus the few km/h tolerance, you may sc**** by and not receive a ticket if you're lucky.

    And yes you'd need to name the rider if you're palming it on someone else.
  4. I'm sure SDRO browse this site at every available opportunity.
  5. There is one outside The Bull and Bush pub near Carlingford in NSW.The warning sign and there is only one is about the size of a loaf of bread.Time to start running the Tom Tom permanently with the SAFETY camera alert up to date.These cameras are fully deadly to your license and there are a lot of them about with minimum signage.Slip up by 10ks or a little more and it wont take long for the points to add up,especially at double demerits time.
  6. Edit- Jokes.

    But honestly those cameras have been around for at least 2 years now. They have always measured both red light and speed, and will cop you for both, or just speeding if the light is green.
  7. So is speeding.
  8. We'll talk if I get anything in the mail and the magistrate doesn't have a boys-will-be-boys mantra. Until then I am not going to think about it. Afterall it could have been flashing at the poor bloke in the next lane.
  9. haha, anyway, VerticalC has a point. I'd be deleting these posts, and probably thread as well.
  10. You will lose P1 license for 3 months

    You will keep your job assuming it was a 0-10kmph offence as that is two demerit points for a full license holder which is what I'd assume they would count instead of the bullshit increased points P platers receive

    On P plates you cannot undergo a good behaviour period of 12 months to avoid a suspension. You can take it to court but it's unlikely you'll be let off and the court can actually increase the penalty and you will be slugged an extra court fee (which I think is about $57 or something)

    Just thank Barry for butt-****ing everyone with vastly more mobile/safety cameras (which don't have to be signposted like the old ones!) while simultaneously pretending to reduce their numbers whilst in reality only switching off the ones which never got anyone anyways. Rant over...
  11. That sounds like a fair system. Unfortunately it's not how a dual license works. I would have a total of 10 points on my license if I was pinged.
  12. @toadcat - court costs are $81 BUT they also like to hit you with a surprise and tack on a $67 "Victims Compensation Levy" as well (unfortunately, I'm looking at mine as a reference).

    @lillilster - as you already know, safety camera have the ability to measure speed AND check for "running the red". I don't know the reason why they do this BUT the RMS (nee. RTA) only the activate speeding portion on a particular number of sites at any given time (15 when it was first introduced if I recall correctly) in some demented round-robin type style. Regarding the lame-o sign posting... when they passed legislation for "safety cameras", it was dove-tailed/piggy-backed on the existing red-light camera legislation, hence getting away with the minimal signage.

    On a positive note... sometime the cameras simply fück up. I was flashed by a safety camera on the corner of Bigge St & Hume Hwy, Liverpool a few months ago whilst going through a green @55kph (70kph posted) as I was slowing to turn left at the next side street. I was the only vehicle on or near the intersection at the time and no letter from the RMS proclaiming their undying love to me has ensued.
  13. Did the camera take the photo from the front, or the rear?
  14. All red light cameras are at the rear in nsw.

    The dumbasses couldnt stuff that one up as you cant put a forward facing camera in as it would be in the middle of the intersection.
  15. But the safety cams, can't they detect speed on either side of the road?
  16. :s Really? I'm happy to be corrected if wrong but I thought the number of points accrued was related to the license class. Ie 0-10 on P1 = 4 points off P1 license while only 1 on open C license..
    Can anyone clarify?