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dual purpose for tall rider

Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by doop, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. hi guys, apologies for bringing up an old subject. im looking at getting back on the bike and want to move from sports to dual purpose. FUN FACTOR :woot: im 6,2 and will be looking for a pretty early year model.

    i understand the suzuki dr 650 and the klr 650 will be good options? are there any others that i can be on the lookout for? i want a nice high seat height.

    80% of my riding will be on road.

    also to convert a dirt bike for road use, is it as simple as adding indicators and mirrors? is it expensive to do?

    thanks guys.
  2. Hey doop,

    I'm 6' and have a 97 DR650 and I find it perfect for me height wise, even with a bit of sag due to the soft suspension. I use it for commuting and find the ride height perfect - lots of vision of the road ahead.

    Apart from the DR and KLR that you have mentioned, other options would be Honda XR600/650, Yamaha XT600, KTM 640's, Honda NX650

    Whats your budget?

    Need to know anything about the DR just ask.
  3. Hey mate,

    I've read some stuff about the KLR which puts me off them - I'd go a DR over them any day of the week.

    If you're a tall bastard, you should try sitting on a tenere. A -bit- of a slug (Not much more than a DR) but really tall. It's also got great protection against drops.
  4. Dr for sure had one served me well
  5. I've just moved onto a DR650 Supermoto.
    It's a crap load of fun!

    Perfect for my 6"4 95kg frame.

    I test rode the NX650 dommie before I bought the DR but it didn't compare.
    The DR so so much smoother and nicer to ride.

    You won't regret moving to a single.
  6. don't know what price range you are looking at but the Aprilia Pegaso trail is a lovely bike to ride. does round 150 on the road and handles gravel/dirt tracks quite well. depends a bit on what tyres you put on it though.
  7. V-Strom?

    (this msg is not too short)
  8. I'm 6' with legs to my armpits and found my '05 KLR650 was very comfortable. Mine had very little farkling done...crashbars, highway pegs and a top box. I was commuting 2hrs a day through the Black Spur (worked in Doncaster, lived in Narby) and spending weekends getting it as dirty as I could. Jay (other half) had the '08 KLR and preferred to take mine for long trips. He's a little shorter than I am though. I found his felt lower, wider, more cumbersome....
  9. Tell you what, I really hate all the adventure-touring and dualsport bikes coming out with really low seat heights.

    Sportsbikes have low seat heights, cruisers have low seat heights, naked bikes have low seat heights, tourers have low seat heights... Can't us giants have ONE class of motorcycle where we have some decent legroom? :p
  10. Me too!

    This message is too short so sit and spin.
  11. Like what...that the KLR has standard ; better seat, rack, HUGE tank, tacho and water cooled engine (yeah we know, old school is cool....)

    DR be a better off road bike, but IMHO, KLR is a better dual sport.

    Don't rule out a TE610 if you can find one....six speed makes crusing to get to those trails relatively vibe free
  12. and what exactly is wrong with a yellow pages or two?

  13. DR's are great. im eyeing one off now as my next second bike if i sell my ktm.

    The good thing about the DR's is availability of parts and upgrades. you can get a whopping 32-40l safari tank for ~ $600
  14. :worthlesspics:
  15. Yes, it's annoying the hell out of me too. People are getting bigger and bikes are getting smaller...huh?
  16. I am also pretty big (6'4" and a 100kg), and the KLR650 suits me well. I like the high seat and you get a great view through the windows of 4WDs in traffic as well :p. It's a much better option than a low seated bike with your knees up in the air and all that stuff, and it has enough pulling power to move us bigger people around.

    I do about 1.5k of a 23k commute on the gravel, then the black stuff the rest of the way - works on both surfaces for me, and you can still enjoy a few twisty bits along the way.

    If you are on a budget then the KLR is not going to break the bank and you can find a good second hand one if you are quick.
  17. ....and then the upgrade on the suspension to deal with the extra weight?????

    Also have heard about issues with the subframe cracking under load.
  18. and ewan and charlie proved that if you put 500# of crap on a dual sport and then treat it like a dirt bike you can break the subframe on a bmw as well.
  19. Yah... except that they aren't, they have been getting taller and larger for 25 years or more.

    An XL500 was smaller and lower than the XL600R which was smaller and lower than the XR650.

    A DR500 was smaller and lower than a DR600 which was about the same size as a DR650.

    A KL500 was smaller and lower than a KLR650.

    etc etc etc.