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DT200R - any thoughts?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by jimmythehuman, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. the wife wants me to get her a motorbike for paning around the back yard (we have a bit of space) and for taking camping, putting around the hills and stuff.

    I dont wanne spend much (under 1500 ideally).

    Anything really nice, like an XR 200/250 just all cost way too much for the 5 rides this thing will get per year. I used to have a DT175 a long time ago and its was super reliable. I have found a DT200R pretty cheap and seaminly in good nick.

    Before i drive all the way out there and check it out - any one know much about these things? reliable, cheap enough to own and repair? Light enough and not so 2 stroke peaky for the wife?

    Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions/comments.
  2. Only give it a miss if things are adding up, fork seals, stretched cables, rooted seat, rooted tyres etc. Same as any bike though. Most of those low strung enduro 2 strokes make it through their life without even a new topend. They just get ridden into the ground till they're completely stuffed.

    Find one that's got a bit left in it and you'd be on a winner I reckon. Sliiiightly harder to ride than a small bore 4 stroke, but more fun. :D
  3. Jimmy, welcome back mate! I have no idea on the bike though the guys at M/ton Kwaka seem to know thier stuff.
  4. My mates got a DT200 i found it to have a nice free revving smooth motor, its no power house though but very tame & predictable.

    Remenber its a two stroke and you may want to check the compression as it might need the top end freshened up.

    suspentions ok but a little on the soft side for the rough stuff but fine for the average trails.

    All in all i think there good specially for what you want just dont expect to keep up with any WR's

    another good bike around that price is the old TT250/350 they are bullet proof all though a little on the heavy side compared to todays four strokes but are atop all round bike if you can find a decent one.
  5. I had an xr200 a couple of years ago. Nice and lightweight, but was only kickstart. Other than that - no problems with it.

    I found the ttr250 too tall, so bought an adr compliant ttr125.