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DT175 Project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by northerner, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. Well I thought I better start a thread for my first ever bike project. I'm doing this with a couple of good friends one of which is on these forums - sbb

    We bought a 1978 DT175 for $350 - just stripped it down so far. Not planning any major changes - but definitely a rebore, forks etc. sorted, cleaned, re-chromed, painted etc. May look to take all the gumph out from under the seat and try to neaten it up - most of it is the airbox.

    Here she is as bought...


    As of last night...


    Keen for advice on paint stripping/blasting/repainting etc...... First time we've done this so will post up queries as we go along - hopefully there's many of you guys who are old hands at this :D



  2. Go talk to a sand blaster. They will give you -or tell you where to get some blast tape, to protect all the machined surfaces, or surfaces you don't want roughed up by sandblasting.
    I'd personally get it (the frame) sprayed in an industrial 2 pack epoxy. After an organic zinc primer. I personally don't like powder coating, as it is impossible to touch up later. But that's just me.
    Great bikes by the way. I've had about 3 DT's that I can think of over the years. Honest, reliable, light bikes that are great fun to ride.
  3. I just got my Honda frame sandblasted before modifying it, the guy had threaded rod and blanking discs on hand to protect the head stem and swing arm holes - Andrew at The Blast Factory in Coburg, Victoria. Hopefully you can find a blaster set up to do bike frames and with the experience.
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  4. Eh? Not much more than 10 or 15 minutes work for a sandblasting company. How much money and time are you going to spend p!ssing around building and then using that?
  5. Yeah I saw the stuff about soda blasting but I don't have a compressor so would be big bucks to do it. Will prob strip it all down and take what I need to someone to do for me.

    Roarin I agree about powder coating - is 2 pack something that can be done yourself or does it need to go to a painter?

  6. You can do it yourself. Just make sure you get the correct respirator for 2 pack type paints. You will need a compressor and the correct spray gun to do it though.
    Some paint places will mix up 2 pack in a rattle can for you. 2 types as far as I'm aware. One, you must use the paint within a certain amount of time from mixing, a couple of hours from memory, or there are some specialty spray cans with a capsule inside the can containing the activator that you break and then mix. Haven't seen those for quite a while though.
    There is also another product that I haven't used, but seen in the paint shops that is supposed to be really good. Can brush it on and it flows nicely to a smooth glossy finish. Allegedly. See here http://www.por15.com/CHASSIS-COAT-BLACK/productinfo/CHG/
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  7. Thanks for the info - lots of research for me to do... :)
  8. Getting someone to sandblast the frame shouldn't be too expensive. 2K paint isn't hard to do yourself either, but you'll need a compressor and spray gun. $300 should set yourself up with a cheap compressor and gun from Hare & Forbes (www.machineryhouse.com.au). This would be the minimum requirements for the type of resto you're doing here (I think).

    But, if you *really* want to do this properly, get a better compressor (either new or 2nd hand) with a decent flow rate and buy a cheap sandblasting setup as well (H&F sometimes have these on special - I think I picked up mine for under $100). This way, you can blast everything on the bike, repaint with decent 2K paint that you know will last, and put an OEM finish on everything (better than, probably).

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  9. Oooooh - Nice site! Thanks for that Hugh!
  10. So I have mostly been cleaning bits today. The 'clean' tub is starting to get something in it at least...


    Got my paint stripping going pretty well - before


    After - although still needs plenty of sanding still...


    Now a quick question on zinc plating. Should I aim to zinc plate most/all of the nuts and bolts along with springs etc. Basically anything that's not chromed or painted? Any thoughts on this?


  11. wow, that photo brings back some memories. I had one of those when I was 17-18 years old back in 1980. stripped it all down & resprayed the frame & engine etc to sell it & buy my first car. buyer absolutely stuffed it in a couple of weeks. had a suzuki TM125 ex racing bike & a honda XR-75 red devil prior. they were the good old days. 14 year olds gettin chased around the bush land at la perouse getting chased by the nsw police trial bike squad. local knowledge usually won out. havent ridden since. looking to get into it again real soon on a DRZ enjoy the project!