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DT 175 mods

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by kurtis_184, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. heyy

    this is my first post so if i do something wrong please corret me.
    my bike is a 1996 ( i think) dt175, needs new rings and i would like to get some cheap performence as a new bike is way out of question
    1. i was wondering if anyone would have a rough idea on the avrage price of rings for a dt175? ( not sure if it has been rebord or stock)
    2. if there is any cheap after market, mods i can do to the bike to gain more performence?

    thanks in advance to anyone who can help.
    cya, kurtis

  2. take the current piston out and get your local bike shop to measure it up, a piston kit will be sub $200.

    as for mods, air and exhaust for any 2stroke, both will require rejetting. you could spend a fair bit here, the best advice would be to simply do the piston kit, clean the carby and airfilter and live with it, it will certainly be the easier and cheaper option.
  3. heyy
    thanks for the advice

    i have herd on other forums that if i drill some holes in my air box it will get more performance
    do u recon if i made some sort of mod like a scoop coming out of the side of the air box with a grill.
    would that need to be re-jetted?

    sorry if that doesnt make sense lol.

    thanks, kurtis

  4. more than likely yes it would, any change to a stock 2 stroke inlet or exhaust however subtle will make things work differently, they dont like being mucked about with, without proper adjustment.
  5. bonet scoop :grin:

    anything to get more air in there probably wont hurt unless it upsets the vaccum levels of the carbie...ask loz about that one.

    basically your gonna be sfa extra power out of something so small so as said above i would just try and get it running as well as possible with a nice new piston kit. maybe open up the airbox a bit as your other forum suggested.

    im no jetting expert but spent a good month fcuking around with mine and talking to people who know their stuff. jetting is all about getting the air/fuel ratio right

    basically the more air you get in there. the leaner (more air per ammount of fuel)it will be. if you get alot more air in there it may run too lean and you may have to increase the main jet size ( adds more fuel at WOT into the mix). the main jet is not the only adjustment you can (may have to make) so do a bit of reading up on it if you want to mess around with it.

    have a play if your into learning mechanics but honestly its always gonna be a 175
  6. another option for you is a sprocket change, worked wonders on my old pe175 when i went looking for more bottom end grunt, but you give up top speed then. depends on what type of power you are looking for...
  7. DT175?
    Do the rings, maybe even the piston if it's scored up etc.
    Clean everything, no point looking for extra ponies if you have a clogged fuel filter etc...
    Check the exhuast as it leaves the exhaust port, there might be a really odd washer with a tiny little hole in the middle of it. Remove it.
    Check the inlet track between the carbie & engine inlet port, there might be a similar thin washer with a tiny little hole in the middle of it - remove that too.

    Gearing it down not only gives it more go off the line, but it brings the gears closer together - almost like a race bike!!. You might not need to use 1st much though.

    Then there is rejetting etc, but that's a black art & kinda dying off nowadays. Lifting the needle (placing the circlip on a lower notch on the needle) might give you that extra fuel you need if you found & disposed of any restrictors 'washers'.

    Everything else costs a good bit of money , comparitively - to the performance gain you're looking for....
  8. hey
    thanks for all the replys

    yeah i alreaddy got a pretty good combonation for that at the moment

    this might sound stupied, but would that do any damage in the long run?

    thanks for all the help everyone
    cya, kurtis
  9. No damage will be caused by removing the restrictors. You will just get more power and it will cost nothing. My brother bought a DT175 new in 1986 for his first bike and his had the restrictors in it. He removed them the day he got it and did not change the carb at all. He kept it for 6 months and never had a problem with it. He rode it every day and gave it hell. The stock muffler is also very restrictive. My brother cut the end off his and removed an internal restrictor right near the outlet. He welded it back up and it was only slightly noisier but had a little more go.
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    hey dude hows things..among my 2 strokes i own a dt 175 1981..very cool bike i dig them basically the same engine as they havnt changed much..biggest restriction on any stock 2 stroke is the pipe..u can cut yours open and remove the baffle in the actual expansion chamber, as well as a different muffler also check that the header has no restrictions ie washers or anything..also u can port the barrel, i have a nicely ported barrel or u can bolt on it175 barrels they make more power, and u can buy them from a wrecker pretty cheep , a piston from prox will be a about $140 with rings and gudgen , i just bought one for a ty175 same piston, for any other performance u can run banshee reed cages after market reeds aswell, also look at blaster stuff they have the same engine as a dt200 but they are air cooled as well. and also try a bigger of better carb flat slide 28-32mm, even thought the dt is a very forgiving engine still make sure u rejet with any mod, if u need to know how to do a proper plug chop let me know this is mine [media=youtube]5Cx7LeWc41g[/media]