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DRZ400SM vs WR450F Super Motard

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Danhendo888, Mar 13, 2015.

  1. Why is the Yamaha so much more pricey than the DRZ?
    I'm looking at new prices which comes to approx $9000 vs $13000 respectively. Not sure what I'm paying for with the Yammie that is supposedly (price-wise) superior to the DRZ.

    Was looking at R1s but am deciding which supermoto-style bike to get.
    Will only have time to ride once a week, about 50kms per week strictly for road use only.
    And will take to mechanics for the necessary - don't intend to get down and dirty with the bike whatsoever - don't have time nor knowledge nor energy to do that stuff.
    Any recommendations would be awesome.
  2. If your only riding on the road why don't u get a road bike ? Riding my wr450 on the road sux dogs balls compared to my road bike
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  3. If your only riding on the road why don't u get a road bike ? Riding my wr450 on the road sux dogs balls compared to my road bike
  4. bj - I'm really digging the look and sound of these DRZ-type looking bikes. Also, they are quite cheap (DRZ) compared to a super sport or a naked bike. I don't want to spend in excess of 10K on a good naked or supersport only for it to be sitting in the garage most of the week not to mention the 2500 in insurance that's expected of me.
  5. are you on full licence? will you buy used?
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    Mate for the money your looking to spend there are some cracking used bikes available.
    KTM Duke 690, Kwaka Z800, Yammie MT09, Street Triple, Huski Nuda are available at under $10k/under 10k km and all great dedicated road bikes. Hell you may even find a Z1000 and turn those 50 kms a week into the best fun 50km you'll ever do..................not that Im bias or anything, just ask basejumperbasejumper
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  7. Don't start me iceboy , u may be surprised about the insurance mate. Ring Qbe and get some quotes. My z1000 was only $430 to insure although I am 42, a bike like that is not the same insurance group as a 1000cc super sport bike.
  8. Am getting full licence in July.
    Planning to buy the DRZ SM new yes, why?
  9. The wr450f you will need to turn into a motard. This will involve sourcing wheels with cush drive as the yamaha is a full dirt bike. There are drz400sm you can buy. It is the motard model. The WR450 is a much more powerful bike. Services are more expensive too.
  10. The 450f probably puts down 50% more power and is much lighter, better suspension.

    But the drz would suit your needs better
  11. The short version is that the WR will give you higher performance, but the DRZ will be cheap and reliable. For your use case, the DRA would be the sensible option, but ride them both and see what you think.

    In an urban environment, a motard wins hands down. In twisties and suchlike, a properly set up motard (road wheels and tires, the right suspension, etc.) can still be pretty fun, though sports bikes obviously have an edge, since they are designed specifically for that.