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drz400sm vs drz400e

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by BiG DaN91, Jun 21, 2012.

  1. ive ridden a vtr250 for over 2 years now and its time to upgrade! Thinking of going the motard route as i know id lose my license on a sportsbike lol

    bike will be used for commuting ~50km/day 5 days a week
    twisties on weekends
    possible offroad use

    so basically what would be the main things needed when converting a sm to offroad or an e to road and which would be cheaper, perform better etc

    what are the main differences between the e and sm?

    any other bikes i should consider?
  2. Do you have easy access to a ute or a car with a trailer (wife, brother, good boss)? I've heard smaller dirt bikes are better to learn single track stuff on so buying two bikes might be a good option.
  3. friend has a trailer that can fit 3 dirt bikes, ive ridden his xr600 offroad before
    riding with him would be the only time i ever take it offroad

    wouldnt really see the point in buying a motard and another dirtbike which i would hardly use
  4. This is very good. Sounds like you know what you want.
    First thing is first, where are you located? I might have just found myself a riding buddy!

    My advice to you, do not get the DRZ sm to convert it for offroad use, you would have to change the suspension. The SM suspension is not built for offroad use - it is a lot weaker (ie not as strong), I think the spring rate is softer, and it has less travel than the DRZ-E suspension.
    I know this because the guy who owns Procycle in the states used DRZ sm forks on a DR650 for the sake of trying out one possible route of upgrading the DR650's suspension to upside down cartridge forks. No good. He took the bike off road with the SM forks freshly and professional rebuilt (at least I think they rebuilt them), and the fork seals sprung leaks in no time.
    The DRZ400-E has cartridge forks (albeit not upside down ones - only god knows why), and the suspension is built for off road conditions. This will also make it stay in service longer on road.
    Buy the DRZ400-E and put together for yourself an SM kit for it on the cheap. That way you will have two wheel sets which are inter-changable in under 20 minutes, and two bikes for the price of one since the DRZ400E is so cheap to begin with. This is the information you need: http://motard-supermoto-wheels.sportsontheweb.net/drz400-cast-wheels-cbr250-cheap.htm
    Cheap, but good. Just like the bike. (y)

    What else do you want to do with the bike? If you want to go on big tours, the DRZ400 is capable, but a DR650 would be a lot better. Also the DR650 should last longer, and they are easier to work on due to being partially air cooled. They also excel at commuting and twisty roads on the weekend, but if it's just commuting and twisty roads that you are doing, the DRZ400 is your best bet. Also if you get the DRZ400-E, obviously you will be able to go places offroad that the SM is not built to go.

    Tyres for on-offroad riding, I've heard very good things about the Shinko 244s as a 50/50 tyre. I recommend the Shinko 705s if you need to live with the stock DRZ400E wheelset for a bit while you get the SM conversion put together, they can also go off road but not as well. Shinko 700s are between the 244s and 705s. Of course you can't go wrong with full blown road tyres, but there are not very many tyre choices and 80/20 tyres just look real badass and cool. You're not gonna do anything on a DRZ400 where you would need road tyres versus Shinko 705s unless you're an absolute gun of a rider or you're doing track days.
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  5. THe e has a bigger carbie than the sm. A lot of sm riders do the mod.

    Apart from that, the wheels and suspension and brakes i believe they are the same.
  6. I am reasonably certain that the suspension has less travel on the SM
  7. Sorry i meant that the suspension, brakes, wheels and carbie different, rest the same.

    I think anyway. I looked at the sm a few years ago. The test ride was a lot of fun but just not enough. I bought a sxv (but i wouldnt advise that as only bike)
  8. just read somewhere else

    "Up to 2006 the E model had a flat slide carb (instead of a CV carb), hotter cams, bigger exhaust header and free flowing muffler, higher compression and higher revving CDI."

    "Just remember that the last year of the higher performance DRZ-E was 2006. After that they got the DRZ-S engine."

    does this mean i should look for earlier models or will the newer ones be fine?

    what kind of top speeds can these get to? i find my vtr250 lacking the power for overtaking at times would the drz be much different seeing as its lams aswell?
  9. get the DRZ400-E. flatslide carby and hotter cams are both very good points. CV carbs would have been chosen for the DRZ400-S model to meet emissions and will be set quite lean on the pilot jet (well maybe with this weather it could be set a tad rich). i dunno about the higher revving cdi - that'll be to utilize the top end power netted by the cams - but most likely the cdi has a map which will be more performance oriented, good. don't worry because it is still gonna be a real economical bike. bang for buck element will be big.
    yeah the DRZ400-S will be fine but why would you spend more money on a less capable bike? both engines will last just about as long, if you don't thrash it and keep it well maintained.
  10. yeah but is that guy right in the 06 onwards e having the s engine now? if he is then i should look for a <06 right?
  11. oh. i dunno man, look if you find a late model DRZ400E show me a few pictures of the carby and i'll tell you if it's a flatslide or not, but lots of people do fit an aftermarket flatslide accelerator pump carby to their bike. can't really tell if it's an AP carby cause most of them are FCR-MXs with everything enclosed
  12. Pretty buzzy at 100km/h, felt like I was going to blow it up. Also the E model has a better motor, carbie and forks than the SM model.
  13. Thank you for confirming what has already been said.
    Do you know if it's only up to 2006 that the E model has the better motor and carbie?
  14. i was riding at 100 on knobbies last weekend ok :) above that was a bit iffy!
  15. relevant to my interest for when i get off my restrictions
  16. The SM front forks are actually the RM250 forks. So are offroad based.
  17. they are lams though lol i wish i picked one up ages ago!

    i was planning on getting a gsxr750 or daytona675 but changed my mind now im off restrictions i dont see the need for it

    leaning towards the 400sm after a fair bit of reading. ill do some mods to increase power and possibly buy some dirt wheels down the track
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  18. haha yeah ahwell im going to enjoy my spada a bit longer before i give it up but im pretty much certain that it will be a supermoto that i upgrade to