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drz400sm for first bike/learner

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Romie, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. So im pretty sure I want this bike for my learner bike. Im thinking of buying new but I noticed the new 2010 model came out today according the to suzuki site and I dont really like the colouring that much. Prefer the 09 black model so thinking of getting one of these.

    Ive done a search on the forum and I cant see why not to buy this bike. Just a quick question, when do they clear out the old models? I have my L's booked first week of october and confident I will pass first go. Ive been doing the computer test online for the past week and do it daily passing with 100% :) I really dont like the white/blue model so want the 09 model or older assuming I can find one second hand in good nick for a decent price, otherwise ill buy it new.

    Im 24 and not exactly broke so dont mind spending abit more on getting a decent bike. Never riden im my life and have wanted a bike for years. Also being a motard its alot more forgiving if I drop it.

    This bike will easily last the 3 years I have to be on my p's and maybe even on my full license as they can be modified pretty cheaply for some decent gains. With about a grand the bike can really be unrestricted with a rejetted carb, exhaust, airfilter and 3x3 airbox mod.

    Should I go to a suzuki dealer asap and buy one or wait awhile? Any hints on how much I can haggle or expect? I read most bike shops dont really haggle on bike prices but might give a discount on ORC and/or bike gear.

    With gear how much do I want to spend, im thinking around 1500-2000$ Ive already gotten afew insurance quotes for full comp and its around 1500$ a year for the bike valued at 8500 which I think is pretty decent as I dont have any drivers license or bike experience. Any feedback/help would be great. Thanks Jerome
  2. I can comment on a few DRZ400SM's I test rode earlier this year:

    Very light, nice and torquey, easy to handle with the SM ergonomics.
    With a full system and mods, it's heaps fun in traffic or tight twisties.

    Proven engine and reliability. Easy to service and I reckon it looks great.

    However, compared to the other multi-cylinder LAMS bike, they're hard on tyres and chains & sprockets. Which is typical of "thumpers".

    Cant really help with the purchasing side of things, except a 2005/06 model is selling for around the $6000-6500 mark, generally. They tend to retain their value and there's solid demands for them.
  3. Nothing much has changed on them, and they're pretty bullet proof, so I would be inclined to buy 2nd hand and save some dollars, maybe even get one that comes with dirt wheels or flat side carby and exhaust already fitted.
  4. I think they would be awesome fun however if you are planning to have it for a few years you may also want to look at the KTM LC4 640, from my research they are a "bit" more powerful and fun yet still learner legal.

    As for gear, i think your on the money with that budget. I spent just under $2k and got head to toe protection of good quality. but you can always spend more, go to a dealer and try on a whole heap of gear and that should give you a good idea on what you need to spend. I bought my bike new from a dealer and got great savings on my gear.
  5. I always think that if I wanted one of these I'd be too nervous to by used - too many guys I've spoken too with this style of bike talk about their gear box going, and I don't think it's the manufacturer's fault! :wink:
  6. Nice stuff, rode one of these for a while when I first got my L's. I did a review on it at the time, the link is here.

    Anywho, the E variant comes with the flatslide carby and a few more horses up its sleeve. Doesn't have the uprated suspension of the SM, but I wasn't complaining while I was riding it. Definitely fit a pair of road tyres on it if you aren't going offroad much, knobbies suck for proper cornering.

    I got my gear for around $700 by using season sales to save a bit. That includes a Rivet 'Urban' jacket (armor and removable lining), M2R helmet, some kevlar jeans and a set of Ikon gloves. As before, it depends on what you're looking to spend and what sort of gear you're after. A full BMW rider set (jacket & pants) costs about 1.5k, for example. Helmets range from $70 for a basic skull-cap up to over a grand for the really schmick stuff.

    Cheers - boingk
  7. i recently sold mine, was an 09 model with a few decent mods, for $8k. They are pretty sweet bikes for LAMS approved ones, mad fun in the twisties and commuting in traffic. need a bigger carbie though. wish i still had mine :( cheap on insurance too mine was $500 full comp with aami :)

    go for it mate u wont regret it.

    +1 about the new colour scheme, rims look good though
  8. Really? I'd only heard of one, and it was stroked with hi-comp and a cam, and went after 20,000+ km's.
  9. thanks for he replies, looks like im heading in the right direction. Ill check the KTM out and speak to my mate about it, he's a moto junkie.

    Regarding the E model, how much would it cost to put the flatside carby from the e model to the sm? I can get my friend to do everything if I get the parts. I dont really like the look of he E model, prefer the SM.
  10. One of the easiest ways is the kit off the ThumperTalk store. Not too expensive either. But you can pick up flatsides off ebay too.
  11. +1 for ktm LC4 640SM...

    I had a suzuki across and was bored after a couple of months on it... looked at the drz400 but a few people I'd talked to thought it probably wouldnt be enough 'fun' to warrant an extra upgrade before I was off restrictions... sorta gave up then test rode the ktm and bought it on the spot. Power wheelies in 2nd gear, super agile, only just getting used to the power it has now (note that I'm 'used' to it, certainly not 'bored' with it!!) but contemplating a flat slide carby nonetheless...

    I should say though that if the ktm was the first bike I had ever ridden I may have been a bit scared off as it's a typical big thumper, noisy, vibey and a bit of a handful. Can't really believe it's LAMS approved.

    But talk about fun...
  12. I didnt know the LC4 was learner legal in NSW ?
    But then, I'm not up to date with the LAMS list.

    I test rode my workmates KTM 640SM, and it left a big grin on my face :grin: :LOL:

    It's very torquey and encourages you to ride it like a hoon everywhere. Esp. with the staintune exhaust. I dont think I can "cruise" on a bike like that.

    It's definitely more powerful than the DRZ400SM with better suspension and brakes. However, I found the gear change to be very clunky (maybe it was that bike). There's not too many of them around though. A 2003 model with low kms was selling around $6000-$6500. That's your entry price for a LC4.